‘Han Solo’ Movie Announces Filming Has Begun With Official Cast Photo

han solo cast picture

What the fuck. Is this week the week of a thousand cast photos? Anyways. Han Solo movie is filming. I can’t fucking wait.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Adds ‘Westworld’ Fave Thandie Newton

han solo movie westworld thandie newton

Thandie Newton has joined the cast of the Han Solo movie. She…she gotta be playing Han Solo’s wife, right?

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Han Solo Spin-Off Movie Eyeing Woody Harrelson For Solo’s Mentor

woody harrelson han solo spin-off movie

Man. Woody Harrelson in the Han Solo movie? As Solo’s mentor? Fucking fantastic, dude.

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Rumor: Han Solo Spin-Off Movie Moved To December 2018

han solo release date moved december 2018

The Han Solo movie looks to be moving to December of 2018, from its original release month of May. Me? I fuck with this, as having a Star Wars movie to celebrate every holiday season with is pretty goddamn dope. To me.

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Donald Glover cast as Lando in ‘Han Solo’ Spin-Off Movie

donald glover lando

What was once rumor is now objective fact! Donald Glover is going to be playing Lando in the upcoming Han Solo movie. I’m more than down with this casting, and the entire project in general. Star Wars fanboy? Check. Miller and Lord fanboy? Check. Donald Glover fanboy? Check! Clean sweep.

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Three Actresses vying for Han Solo Movie’s female lead role

han solo movie female lead

Three (more?) actresses are vying for the female lead in the Han Solo flick. Not only that, but it’s being suggested that the role be that of Han Solo’s wife, first introduced recently in the Star Wars comic.

I’m down for it!

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‘Han Solo’ Movie lands its cinematographer in Bradford Young (Selma, Arrival)

Han Solo movie cinematographer

Bradford Young has been announced as the Han Solo movie cinematographer. This is a beefy, talented grab for the flick, which is already being helmed by the beefy (I just want to say beefy again) and talented Chris Lord and Phil Miller.

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Donald Glover is Lucasfilm’s top choice for Young Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover.

Woah. I can dig this.

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Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie looking to cast young Lando Calrissian


I mean, obviously, right? We weren’t expecting some absurd Han Solo fanservice flick to arrive without some young Lando Calrissian in it, were we? If we were?! Que ridiculo, in hindsight!

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‘Star Wars’ Rumor: That Han Solo movie is actually a Han Solo Trilogy

Han Solo

Because, of course. The teats must be reddened with the incessant suckling, the milk must flow! Oh, fuck do I know. If this is true, I’ll mark out and enjoy them. I’m sure. I’m worthless.

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