Grand Theft Auto Online.

Oh boy. Strike that previous complaint of mine about GTO being nothing special. Grand Theft Auto Online is a separate game. It’s just going to be free to those who buy Grand Theft Auto V. Launching a couple weeks after the release of GTAV (it’ll drop October 1), the game assuredly going to destroy lives and ruin relationships.

The berries, man.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ delayed until September 17, whattayagonnado.

Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed, thereby causing like, more than several people to frown. Oh lord, if you could see these frowns. The people don’t even respect themselves, drooling half-chewed pizza and such all over their t-shirts. Embarrassing. C’mon guys, it is just a game.

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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ promotional swag leaks. Plus! Posters.

The drums of war go boom-boom or something, heralding the approach of the next GTA. These drums bring with them promotional leaks and posters for those who are interested. I assume you are interested.

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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO’ officially dropping in SPRING 2013. Wee?

I don’t know. Are we supposed to be enthused by this? Spring is a pretty big season. Like, I’m thinking April. It better be April. Didn’t GTA IV drop in April? I like cookies. Do you?

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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ hype machine begins with viral ‘Epsilon Program’ site dogging Scientology.

Vroom! Vroom! That’s the awful-pun sounds of Grand Theft Auto V‘s marketing campaign kicking off. Ain’t never been no sacred cows in the line of this franchise, and now it appears that Scientology will be getting dragged through the mud in the fifth installment. Fantastic.

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You want two screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V? You got it dude.

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ANALYST SEZ: ‘GTA V’ To Launch In Q1 2013; Sell 14 Million Copies.

Some wizard analyst is predicting that Grand Theft Auto V: Still Poorly Influencing Children  is going to drop in the first of quarters, 2012+1. It will also sell a lot. Go figure.

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