Amazon may launch cloud gaming service in 2020 with Twitch integration. Your move, shitty Stadia!

amazon cloud gaming service twitch

Google Stadia is a dumpster fire at the moment. Reports of devices overheating. People not getting their access codes. In other words, the perfect moment for Amazon to throw their hat in the ring. And, flexing by bringing Twitch to theirs.

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Google Stadia nearly doubles its amount of launch titles. Still, like, missing a lot of promised features.

google stadia 22 titles

Snarky headline aside, I think Google Stadia is playing the long game. Not really trying to come out and set the Earth on fire. However, the list of features and games at launch kept shrinking. And shrinking. Somebody must have noticed the public dismay. How do I know? The company nearly doubled the amount of titles that are going to be available at launch.

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Google Stadia is launching November 19! But, I’ll keep my physical media thanks.

google stadia november 19

Google Stadia! Arriving November 19! However, I ain’t psyched! Listen, Google Stadia and services of its ilk may be the future. But, I certainly ain’t fucking interested in it at the moment. In fact, as everything is going ephemeral, I find myself pivoting more towards physical media. Am I dinosaur? Probably! Do I care? Nope!

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Google Stadia prices and games leak ahead of E3 event. Dropping this November, newer games must be bought!

google stadia pricing release

This is good, real good, this Google Stadia leak. ‘Cause I didn’t want to sit through a fucking bloat presentation for these details.

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