Space Swoon: The Hubble captures the glory of a cosmic cascade!

nasa space hubble cosmic cascade

Look at this beautiful waterfall-looking motherfucking galaxy! Bless you once again, NASA. Bless you one again, Hubble. Capturing this cosmic cascade.

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Astronomers have spotted first Galaxy with three supermassive black holes. Write your own jokes, kthnx!

astronomers galaxy three supermassive black holes

For decades, Astronomy Wizards thought galaxy NGC 6240 contained two supermassive black holes. But, motherfuckers were off by one! That’s right, NGC 6240 got 33% more black holes than previously thought. Awesome.

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Astronomers warn that entire galaxies are being killed. Galactus fucking hungers!

Folks, entire fucking galaxies are being killed. That’s the word from astronomers. And, we all know what this means It’s Galactus. Or, if you prefer The Expanse? It’s whatever wiped out the creators of the protomolecule.

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Astronomers have just detected dozen of missing galaxies from the Early Universe. The Cosmos always excites, my dudes

missing galaxies universe

I say, goddamn! Another week, another fantastic-ass find by astronomers. This time? Oh, they’ve just detected dozens of galaxies from the early universe. Previously hidden.

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There Are *Way* More Galaxies In The Universe Than Previously Thought

galaxies universe

An AstronomerWizard and his team have crunched the numbers and figured out something fucking staggering. There are *at least* 10 times as many galaxies in the Universe than previous thought. Motherfucker, we’re talking 700 billion trillion stars.

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Massive new Galaxy revealed to be 99% Dark Matter; Elder Things Everywhere

dark matter galaxy

New galaxy. 99% Dark Matter. Let’s be honest, this is where the Elder Things are waiting. Waiting to reveal themselves. I, for one, love comma splices, and welcome them.

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Space Swoon: Hubble catches merging galaxies in Eridanus

Just a couple of galaxies, way out in Eridanus. Merging. Forming another, larger galaxy. The Galaxy With Two Backs. You know, shitty space-fucking joke for the LCDs in the cheap seats.

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Colliding galaxies dance the dance of death

Boom boom boom.

Two galaxies. Engaged in an epic dance of death. Whilst they slowly pull one another apart, only one shall survive the throwdown. My money is on…the one that the article says will survive. Those space people, they know their shit.

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The Collisional Ring Galaxy got that post-crash sexiness.

Look at NGC 922 all wilin’ out and shit. It’s got itself a decent sized collection of black holes, and nobody seems to know why. I mean, I think I have the answer but no one will listen to me. It’s trans-dimensional unicorns who use the reality-skin of that cluster as their interdimensional warp point. Every time they make a jump, it punctures the fabric just a bit more. Obviously. Right? Is this the DayQuil talking?

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Pow! Two galaxies throwing down in eternal headbutting contest.

These galaxies ain’t getting along. Ain’t getting along at all. The two of them are colliding, in a billions-of-years dance of death. Eventually they will reconcile their differences, to forge an uber-galaxy capable of bodyslamming anything in its way and acting way rude in bars.

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