‘SONIC THE HEDGEHOG’ getting a MOVIE. Give Me Furry Brimping Or Else

sonic the hedgeguy

Sonic The Hedgehog is getting itself into the movie game, courtesy of Sony Pictures People. My knee jerk reaction is to shit down the back of this news’ shirt, but the Lego Movie happened and now I hesitate to talk shit. About any property being optioned. (But this is going to suck, right?) Still though. FurryBrimping. C’mon.

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Microsoft planning their own ‘PROJECT GLASS’ equivalent. Errbody in AR goggles!

Microsoft is no stranger to scrambling to keep up with Google and Apple. It’s like, their forte at this point. New patents have revealed that the Gang that Says “Oh Yeah!” is dipping their toes in the AR goggles arena. In the future you won’t be cool unless you’re scrolling through tumblr starring at furry jizz shots on your glasses’ HUD while at a football game. It has been foreseen.

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Cosplay: SEXY CHEWBACCA will make you feel things. Confusing things. Perhaps yearn for hair balls.

It’s fine. Give in. I won’t tell anyone. Really.

Dude Accused of Bestiality, Blames Shapeshifting Prostitute. He’s Getting Jobbed!

If there’s one thing I learned from True Blood it’s that people have poor taste in television shows. If there’s two things I’ve learned it’s that banging shapeshifters gets you into trouble. I wish I could have told this to an adult my age who is now unfortunately getting charged with bestiality.

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