‘Star Wars’ fans have released a restored 35 mm print of the original film

Star Wars

A squad of serious serious Star Wars fans have released a high definition, restored 35 mm print of the original film. Does this sound like something that’s already been done to you? It did to me! However, apparently the difference lies in this restoration being done to a “fully intact version of the film to work with instead of having to piece together different segments from the original print”, which, oh, I didn’t know had been done. Neat!

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Monday Morning Commute: Come Get Your Love!

Hey (hey) What's the matter with your feel right?  Don't you feel right, baby?

Morning! Morning. Commute! Commute. Mondaye! Mondaye. The column where we share the various endeavors we’re looking forward to (or dreading if you need some catharsis) in a given week. Generally these endeavors are of the arts and farts variety, but if you’re looking forward to picking+eating your toenails frankly I’m with you sharing that too. Me? This week? Guardians of the Galaxy, Boston ComicCon, and more!

Let’s dance the dance eternal.

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Rumor: ORIGINAL unf**ked ‘STAR WARS’ TRILOGY coming to Blu-Ray.

Star Wars Blooper Reel

Shout out to our own community member Seth for drawing this to my attention. It couldn’t be. It can’t be. I’d cry too hard. It makes too much sense. But yes! The original, unfucked, pristine Star Wars trilogy may be sauntering onto Blu-Ray? Don’t fuck around with me, Rumor Bros!

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OMEGA-CAST #4 – BOSTON COMIC CON 2013 Destructo Edition

A special edition of the OMEGA-CAST, straight from the floor of Boston Comic Con. Riff Simian captures a raging Tomahawk regarding a complaint about our “Fuck Lucas” t-shirt. The beautiful Bride of Frankenstein checks in. Our momentary brush with Rich from Toucher and Rich. Rendar Frankenstein talks cosplay. Caffeine Powered’s significantly better half talking about his obsession with cocks and lightning bolts. Bazinga! shirts. Budrickton’s descent from Toronto into our funny sounding land. And other assorted bullshit and madness.

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Rumor: ‘EMPIRE STRIKES BACK’ writer Lawrence Kasdan could script ‘EPISODE VIII & IX’?

Star Wars fans, go ahead and tug your bits to this rumor. It’s designed to titillate all your various nerd glands. There ain’t any shame, I promise. Draw the blinds, and get slushy in your pantaloons. Lawrence fucking Kasdan! Oh, and some other guy too.

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DISNEY buys LUCASFILM; EPISODE 7 due in 2015. What that frak.

I go down for a nap, and I wake up in this world. I’m not certain I haven’t slid through dimensions. Who are you fucking people? No serious, what the fuck? This is surreal. I’ve always said it: theStar Wars universe rules. I’ve said it to countless people across two conventions. If Disney can field a talented bunch for Episode 7 (and provided it is happening), this could be tremendous. Or it could be another dry, spiked dog dick penetrating my childhood without consent.

What’s your take?

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Omega-Level @FanExpo Toronto 2012 – A New Hope from South of the Border. Not that Border.

Summer 2012 has blown through the nerd universe with a thunderous fury, and OL rode the wave to its first major convention appearance.  We rocked FanExpo Canada in Toronto, home of yours truly, and generated some fantastic buzz on the show floor.

The essential blow-by-blow follows.  Brace yourselves.

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Come one, come all! This day’s been in the making for longer than we’d like to admit, but it’s finally here! Today, we officially open the OL STORE!

We’ve taken the same overcaffeinated, slightly-delusional, fun-lovin’ panache we put into our posts and smeared it all over some t-shirts. The result? Nerd-culture t-shirts that’re bound to inspire conversation wherever you go – the supermarket checkout line, the watering hole of your choice, or your weekly D&D session.

Round One of the great OL STORE battle royale sees eight different designs climbin’ into the ring. Hit the jump to hyperspace, grab an ice-cold Pepsi, and check out our wares!

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Infographic: Behold All The Star Wars Changes In Chronological Order.

Did you think Lucas started smashing the original trilogy into bits starting back with the Special Editions in 1997? You’d be wrong. I knew he had tinkered before, but I never realized the shit began back the year of its actual release.

Hit the jump to check out all the changes.

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Video: More Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes: Death Star Run, Artoo…Hiding Better. I’m Not F**King Kidding.

Ah well whatever what the fuck! This is fucking madness. Lucas has truly pulled down his pants and gleefully, happily shit out kernels of hate and comeuppance for us fans daring to point out that the prequels sucked. Now he’s just changing shit. It’s amazing. Like the bored fat fuck he is. He’s added more X-Wings to the Jedi Death Star run. Okay. Whatever. Needless but fine.


Now in A New Hope,  R2D2 is hiding better  behind rocks. Oh, and Jabba’s Palace’s door looks massive. And pointless.

Fuck all this noise.

Hit the jump to see it all in motion.

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