Monday Morning Commute: Come Get Your Love!

Hey (hey) What's the matter with your feel right?  Don't you feel right, baby?

Morning! Morning. Commute! Commute. Mondaye! Mondaye. The column where we share the various endeavors we’re looking forward to (or dreading if you need some catharsis) in a given week. Generally these endeavors are of the arts and farts variety, but if you’re looking forward to picking+eating your toenails frankly I’m with you sharing that too. Me? This week? Guardians of the Galaxy, Boston ComicCon, and more!

Let’s dance the dance eternal.

Obsessin¬†Over: Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve seen it. It’s my everything.

guardians of the galaxy

Arriving Tomorrow For Me To Play: Binary Domain. I continue to check out cheap, underrated games from last-gen.

Binary Domain

The “Sign Language” Issue Of Hawkeye: Dominates. Get on Fraction+Aja’s level.


Come See Us This Weekend At: Boston ComicCon. T-shirts. Weird people. Fun.

Fuck Lucas

That’s sort of it for me this week, folks. Feeling a smidgen uninspired. So liven me up with your own choice cutz.