DISNEY buys LUCASFILM; EPISODE 7 due in 2015. What that frak.

I go down for a nap, and I wake up in this world. I’m not certain I haven’t slid through dimensions. Who are you fucking people? No serious, what the fuck? This is surreal. I’ve always said it: theStar Wars universe rules. I’ve said it to countless people across two conventions. If Disney can field a talented bunch for Episode 7 (and provided it is happening), this could be tremendous. Or it could be another dry, spiked dog dick penetrating my childhood without consent.

What’s your take?

Indie Wire:

You can take the George Lucas out of LucasFilm, but “Star Wars” is forever. In what is likely going to be the biggset news item of the next few weeks and months, Disney has not only purchased LucasFilm (for a cool $4.05 billion), they’ve slated an untitled “Star Wars: Episode 7” movie for 2015. Let us repeat: a new “Star Wars” movie is coming in 2015.

LucasFilm has gone through some changes this year, with George Lucas stepping away from the day-to-day with the company, and Steven Spielberg‘s Kathleen Kennedy taking over his position on the board. And while Lucas has continually professed he just wants to go into his basement and tinker with making experimental movies, he’s never been one to shy away from milking the franchise he started, and we can’t imagine this next installment in the series won’t have his guiding influence in some capacity.

Of course, details are still coming together, and Disney and LucasFilm are scheduled to get on the phone with press later today to talk about the deal. But let’s just remember that when Disney bought Pixar, it wasn’t long until the acclaimed animation giant was churning out sequels. $4.05 billion is a lot of cheddar, and we’d wager Disney plans for “Star Wars” will be less about integrity (and let’s face it, the series is now a product/brand and not much more) than making sure we keep getting bi-annual updates on the trade embargos threatening the Federation or whatever. And indeed, the torch is being passed to a new (moneymaking) generation.