Rumor: The ‘Flash’ movie is going to start filming this year. No, seriously!

rumor flash movie filming 2019

I’m excited about the DCEU these days. True, I’ve only enjoyed Wonder Woman. But, Warner Bros. has made a lot of interesting choices in recent times to get me torqued. The one relevant to the Flash movie? Hiring the writers of the pretty fantastic Spider-Man: Homecoming to direct it. So, let’s fucking go, let’s get this filming. I’m in.

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‘The Flash’ movie is going to adapt that wild ass ‘Flashpoint’ storyline which rebooted the DC Comics universe

flash movie flashpoint storyline

I thought the wild ass DC mega event Flashpoint was pretty whatever, because I’m lukewarm at best on Geoff Johns But, the news that that the Flash movie is going to adapt said storyline? Equal parts bonkers, and impressive. So many questions. Like, are they already rebooting their cinematic universe? Phasing out Bat-Fleck? Or will it be a casual adaptation? Is it going to be GrimDark? I’m intrigued.

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‘The Flash’ director leaves over “creative differences”; ‘Aquaman’ director unhappy

justice league

What happens when your cinematic universe is led by a Meat Head Fuccboi? You begin discouraging talent, and even losing some. Oh, DCU. What a fucking mess.

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AND ANOTHER THING: ‘FLASH’ movie set for 2016, ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ for 2017.

Justice League.

So uh and yeah I just got finished blathering about the purported Superman/Batman flick that is (probably) coming out in 2015 when I stumbled across this news. Oh San Diego Comics Convention Time, you are hectic.

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