‘Firewatch’ is getting a movie adaptation, and it’s a perfect choice for that sort of indie flick

firewatch movie adaptation

Firewatch is a goddamn little treasure of a game. And, it’s definitely a perfect target for a movie adaptation. However, will it be good? Who the fuck knows. We may find out, though!

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‘Firewatch’ art director Olly Moss now officially working for Valve. I hope this means they’re actually making a fucking game

firewatch olly moss valve

Back in April, Valve snagged Firewatch developer Campo Santo. As an aside, that game fucking rules. But, things are even more interesting now. The art director behind the game, Olly Moss, has officially joined the company. What does this fucking mean? I have no goddamn idea! However, I hope it means they’re actually making a game.

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Valve has bought ‘Firewatch’ developer Campo Santo and for some reason I fucking hate it

firewatch campo santo valve

I don’t know why, but I fucking hate the fact that Valve has bought Campo Santo. Maybe, it’s because they just seem like a BigFatCorporation that doesn’t do much stuff anymore, and Campo Santo seems like a sweet indie developer. That said, I hope every one of those developers got a nice fucking paycheck out of this. They deserve it.

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‘In the Valley of the Gods’ Trailer: ‘Firewatch’ devs go to Egypt for their next adventure

Firewatch is an objectively awesome game. Campo Santo is an objectively awesome developer. So, I’m pretty excited for the follow up to the former by the latter. How is that for a fucking convoluted sequence of sentences? Eh!?

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‘Rick and Morty’ comic coming from the minds behind ‘Firewatch’

rick and morty firewatch creative team

Rick and Morty. Awesome, niche television show and comic book. Firewatch. Awesome, niche video game. Why not have an installment of the former, from the minds of the latter?  There ain’t no damn reason, why not!

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Monday Morning Commute: the whirlybird of universal disconstants

the whirlybind of universal constants

Looking back upon my past, over the past (six months), of the past (several years), two questions have arisen. The first one, perhaps obvious, is: who am I? The second one, perhaps obvious, perhaps not obvious, is: who was I? It’s easy to sift through the wreckage, the diamonds, the wrecked diamonds of your past these days. Facebook and Timehop provide constant reminders of what you were doing, this day, year, years, eons, ago. A feedback loop of experience. Remembering the remembrances, especially if you share those memories of memories. A feedback loop of experience.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten older (slowed down) or I’ve gotten older (matured) or if I’ve gotten older-older. But, this much is certain: I do not recognize the Man piercing time-space from the Linear-Past. Or more accurately: I do not recognize when I stopped being the Man piercing time-space from the Linear-Past, and became the older-older, more haunted, more nostalgic CaffPow.

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‘Firewatch’ has sold 500,000 copies; recouped cost on Day One


Because I am human garbage, I have not bought Firewatch. So I feel a bit like a fraud (for this, and many other things) being very excited about the news of its success. But I am very excited.

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Weekend Open Bar: You Are Not Alone, [We] Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

I’m getting real shit at publishing a weekend column at the start of the weekend. Man! Fuck! But yesterday was busy, hopscotching from work, to dinner with a mentor, to an entire bag of Sour Patch Watermelons, to staring at the IdiotBox for three or so hours. I’m here now, though, and I’m hoping I can lure you in as well! This is Weekend Open Bar, the weekly column where we all hang out.

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Monday Morning (Non)Commute: The Red Sun’s Distance: Forever


Ain’t no commuting for me, today! Remember how last Friday I mentioned that I called an audible and opted-out of commuting in the fucking snow? Well — today — the UniversityCzars saw fit to pull the plug on the school day. I don’t know if it has anything to do (I imagine it doesn’t, but it’s hilarious to track the students’ apoplexy on the social media platform) with the countless caterwauling of students towards them on Twitter for not cancelling Friday, but the school did it. No school. No commute. Just me, my unwashed ass, and the dim glow of the ForeverBox pumping in the EndlessEchoChamberof(Non)News and Banality. Maybe a dog walk (or two). Relaxing. Wife’s home, too. I’ll take these Circumstances.

However! Just because I ain’t commuting today, don’t mean that I don’t have to share with you what I’m up to this week! So this is still Monday Morning Commute!

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Watch: Fifteen minutes of ‘Firewatch’ gameplay