Omega Plays: Dead Cells – Return of the Living Dickheads!

By God! We finally finish Dead Cells on stream! Talk some fucking zombie movies! Shit on Godzilla for a bit. Overall, full-on dickhead good time!

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Rumor: ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ Is Arriving In 2017

marvel vs. capcom 4 2017

This past weekend saw the Marvel vs. Capcom 4 rumors hit a crescendo. And now if sources are to be believed, nebulous, nebulous sources, all those murmurings weren’t without merit. That’s right, fuckers. The game is arriving next year.

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Amazon and Hachette settle e-book pricing feud. LAZY CONSUMERISM BACK ON.

blood feud done.

IT’S ABOUT TIME. Amazon is absolutely the devil. Absolutely ruining everything. Also absolutely essential to my life. And for months now I haven’t been able to order books from them because they’ve been beefing with Hachette. Now! Now though. It’s over.

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‘Deadpool’ movie with Ryan Reynolds f**king greenlit! Winter 2016


That Deadpool test footage we were all getting juicy in the groin over seems to have done its job. After years of talkin’ about the fucking adaptation as though it were the White Whale, Deadpool is finally getting a movie. Officially and shit.

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PSA: ‘COMMUNITY’ returns tonight. OCTOBER 19TH has arrived!

The darkness is eroding, leaving us with one last gasp of righteousness. That’s right, Community returns this evening. Even though it is probably the last thing I will watch before the Great Blizzard of 20+13 strikes tomorrow, I will die knowing that I got to return to Greendale one last time.

Paul Pope’s ‘BATTLING BOY’ is scheduled for October. Wrd.

Battling Boy.

October! October. It appears that October of 2013 is going to serve as the calendar month where all of the mythical projects we have been anticipating for a long minute will finally arrive. We’re not just getting Gravity, folks.In addition, Paul Pope will be gracing us with Battling Boy. I can only imagine how giddy this makes Rendar. I’m sort of excited, too. No, really! Look at my sweatpants. They’re dancing.

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