‘Final Fantasy XV’ E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer: Attack on Titan

Holy fucking shit, does the scale of this battle look tremendous. I’m more/less resenting how excited this game is making me, as I assume that it’s just going to end up disappointing me. But! Maybe it won’t? Please don’t, FF XV. Please don’t.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ dropping September 30, according to accidentally released GameSpot video


Well, there you have it. Final Fantasy XV is really real, and dropping at the end of September.

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Watch: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Niflheim Base Gameplay Footage; Release date announcement on March 30

‘Final Fantasy XV’ is playable from start to finish. This is news?

Final Fantasy 15

This is a testament to how sad Square has become. They’re announcing that you can play their game from “start” to “finish” — hey, awesome! Square, that is sort of your job, to complete the game that’s been in development for thirty-nine years. Still, snark aside, I’m excited that this game may be real but also probably suck.

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Watch: ‘Final Fantasy 15’ has Chocobo drifting, and a fishing mini-game

‘Final Fantasy 15’ “Dawn 2.0” Trailer: Serious Music, Serious Faces

‘Final Fantasy 15′ PAX Gameplay Demo: Just Four Dudes Drivin’, Livin’ The Fantasy

‘Final Fantasy 15’ confirmed for 2016. Date Announcement Event coming in March

Holy shit. The Great Wait will be over in 2016. SquareEnixFolk have announced that FFXV is indeed dropping next year, and they’re commemorating its release with a special event in March. To announce its release. Okay!

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ team working on FLYING AIRSHIPS for game with ‘Just Cause’ devs


Oh god. Oh. God. Don’t play with my heart like this, Square Enix. Could airships really be making a return to Final Fantasy?! Ones that you can actually fly?! I don’t care if this is DLC or not. Take my money.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Malboro Trailer: Death by Elder One