‘Final Fantasy XV’ is playable from start to finish. This is news?

Final Fantasy 15

This is a testament to how sad Square has become. They’re announcing that you can play their game from “start” to “finish” — hey, awesome! Square, that is sort of your job, to complete the game that’s been in development for thirty-nine years. Still, snark aside, I’m excited that this game may be real but also probably suck.

All Games Beta:

A development update from programmer Kitade – FFXV Pre-Beta version

Pre-Beta is what we have achieved near end of October. With this we were able to achieve 2 things:

1. The game can be played from beginning to the end. So everyone in the development team can play the entire game and see the big picture, and share their thoughts on the overall game. We can polish up the game, add/adjust some details so the game can reach the quality needed for the final product.

There are few elements that are in still test stage so it’s not completely implemented, but it’s important that we can share the big picture of the overall game to everyone.

2. The first half of the game is pretty much completely polished. So we have idea of how the final game will look and feel. We have idea of how much work is needed to make the game in it’s final state. We also have some guests from outside the company come and play the game so we get the feel of how users play the game, and see how the pace/balance is for the players.

So in this stage of the development it’s all about us programmers to show our skills. Please look forward to it.