New ‘Preacher’ Photo of Cassidy teases extended look tomorrow after ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

‘Preacher’ is premiering May 22, following ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ midseason finale


We officially know the date when we will get to see the premiere of the Preacher adaptation. The pilot will hit the airwaves-cablewaves-digiwaves immediately following Fear of the Zombie’s Walking Shuffling Nightmare midseason finale on May 22.

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is the most watched cable premiere. Ever.

Fear The Walking Dead.

By all accounts, Fear the Walking Dead‘s premiere was ass. But that doesn’t really mean anything, if the show continues to draw in such ratings. Me? I didn’t even realize it was premiering last night, nor did I care when I found out. How about you?

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer: Oh Run All Ye Fearful!