24 HOUR EXTRA LIFE LIVE EVENT October 1-2 8am-8am [OVER]


Hello friends!  As I mentioned in my post last week , the 24 hour gaming marathon is upon us.  I will be updating this particular post as we descend deeper down the rabbit hole of temporary insomnia, and sugary snacks to keep our constitutions strong.

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Extra Life Event Public Service Announcement


… Salami?  Time!  Its time.  Hello fellow travelers on the Starship Omega.  This is your temporary captain, The Dude, speaking.  If you look out the left cabin window you’ll see Glorbax 3, a lovely world where pizza grows on trees like the mighty orange and team building exercises carry a triple death sentence.  On the right side you’ll see the vast nothingness of space that forces you to realize your insignificance in the face of cosmic events, and wish desperately for a quiet and swift end to your meaningless consciousness.

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