Weekend Open Bar: Cheer and Bloating In Oblivion


Weekend Open Bar! And a content one at that.

My wife is home, tucked into bed. Home for the first time in more or less two weeks. Laffy Taff is in my gut, tucked into my digestive tract via my head-hole. In my gut for the first time in more or less too long. Outside, the crickets are chirping. A cool breeze passes by. Inside, the Red Sox are playing. A cool breeze passes by.

The Summer is winding down here in the Eastern arm of the Empire, and it was a damn good one for me. A mellow, unremarkable jaunt filled with teaching, quality time with my wife, some passable cinema, and a lot of really good wrestling.

I will not lament it leaving, though. For as I shed the husk of my most enjoyable Summer in years, it is being ushered out the door in lieu of the Most Wonderful time of the Year.


The sky darkens earlier (I hate the sun), the football begins playing (my favorite sport), and the appropriate garments become far more comfortable (I love sweatpants and sweatshirts and sweaters, oh my).

So come, come, come, friends. Let’s hang out here, in Weekend Open Bar. Let us celebrate the end of a summer hopefully well spent, let us celebrate the arrival of a autumn hopefully well enjoyed.

Tell me, what are you up to this Transitional Holiday Weekend? Tell me, what are you going to do to enjoy your time in this fleeting Liminal State (if there is anything but fleeting Liminal states)?

Weekend Open Bar! And a content one at that.