Miles Teller starring in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon series

miles teller starring nicolas winding refn amazon series

Nicolas Winding Refn has got himself a series on Amazon with comic book writer Ed Brubaker, which is wild. But it’s also wild that said series will be starring Miles Teller.

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Nicolas Winding Refn And Ed Brubaker Teaming Up For Neon Noir Series For Amazon

nicolas winding refn ed brubaker too old to die young

Nicolas Winding Refn and Ed Brubaker are teaming up for Too Old To Die Young for Amazon. A ten-episode glorious neon noir. We don’t deserve this team-up, but god dammit we’ll take it.

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Brubaker & Phillips are rocking Hollywood Noir with ‘THE FADE OUT.’

The Fade Out.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are a comic book power couple. Even if I’m not obsessive over all their collaborations, their names alone are enough for me to get intrigued. Maybe even marginally jacked + pumped. Right off the bat. Their latest effort to be revealed is some straight-up Hollywood Noir shit. The Fade Out.

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QUE? Bucky’s Marvel Movie Contract is Longer Than Cap America’s.


It turns out that Sebastian Stan’s (Bucky…and well, don’t IMDB if you don’t want to know) Marvel movie contract is longer than Chris Evans’. At first blush this seems confusing as Hell. Especially to someone who is a comics outsider. However, fans of Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America (HI! IT MAKES MY DONG FROTH IN WAYS THAT DEFY ONTOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS) know how this could work. In a glorious, glorious way.

Hit the jump for (what I hope) is accurate speculation.

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The Winter Soldier!

Gnarly as shit! Ed Brubaker is the writer behind The Winter Soldier. Dude came up with the storyline that shall serve as the centerpiece of the second Captain America flick. So it only seems both fair and righteous that the good sir has been granted a cameo in the flick. Where? That’ll come after the jump for you spoilerphobes. Know this, though: if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen Brubaker already.

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Matt Fraction spits about why he left ‘IRON FIST.’ Makes sense, still bums me out.

Iron Fist.

For but a moment in time, Iron Fist was the fucking jam. Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja collaborated on one of my favorite runs in the last…five years? (I’ll be honest I can’t remember when this run took place — blame the caffeine and the psychoactives.) It burned oh-so-brightly, and then like that it was gone. Unlike Thor: The Mighty Avenger though (another criminally under appreciated title in my book), it wasn’t canned. The team just sort of…left. Now Matty Fraction gives some insight into the why.

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Ed Brubaker: ‘WINTER SOLDIER’ is best movie Marvel’s made.

The Winter Soldier!

Now listen. Ed Brubaker is the skilled fucking craftsman behind the story of the upcoming Cap Guy: Winter Baddie. The writer is responsible for penning the excellent comics that shall be officially transmuted into cinematic form come this April. So may he be a little biased in his evaluation of the movie? Sure! Or you could say he may be exceptionally critical, since it is his baby that they’re adapting.

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AFFLECK & DAMON are producing adaptation of BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ ‘SLEEPER.’


Power Bro Couples working within Power Bro Couples. Wheels within wheels. Affleck and Damon producing an adaptation of comic book bro couple Brubaker and Phillip’s Sleeper. This is wonderful.

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Toby Jones returning for ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.’ Gimme Zola head!

Toby Jones and shit.

Yo, if Toby Jones is returning to Captain America: Winter Solstice, he better be showing up in that goddamn Zold robot body. None of that flashback nonsense. Naw. Give me some really cheesy science-fiction swagger, please. I mean, shoot. If they’re riffing off of the Brubaker storyline for Winter Soldier, why not go full bonkers? Right?

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Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. throw ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ into the depression.

Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. have the less than enviable task of following up Ed Brubaker’s stellar run on Captain America for Marvel Now! Brubaker brought a decade of pure rock, dropping outstanding storylines and doing the unthinkable. He brought Bucky back and it was awesome. How do the two considerable talents follow up on such a run? By going in a different direction.

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