Interplay sells off Earthworm Jim, Descent, Kingpin


Interplay is selling off the rights to several franchises, but most importantly: Interplay is selling off the rights to Earthworm Jim. If there is a God (there isn’t), and if it will respond to my wishes thanks to my supplicatory pyres of pubes, empty Dew bottles, and used underwear (it won’t), then the rights to Earthworm Jim will land at a talented developer. A talented developer that will resurrect a childhood favorite-series.

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The Sega Genesis is 25 years-old today. My life is being blast-processed.


Good god, where is the time going? The Sega Genesis turned 25 years-old today, and its birthday reminds me of my favorite console war. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all. But there was something about the BLAST-PROCESSING POWERED XTREME SONIC versus the old, dumpy, but proven Super Mario Bruh.

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Skottie Young’s EARTHWORM JIM is grooovvvyyy

Skottie Young does Earthworm Jim.

More Skottie Young goodness.

David Perry is ‘sure’ that a new ‘EARTHWORM JIM’ will happen. Eventually. C’mon bro!

Earthworm Jim. Stalwart fixture of my early adolescence, has slowly faded out of mind. Now its fucking creator is all talking about a new edition, getting me excited. I know he’s just teasing my tip. I know it. Yet I find myself dreaming of a new installment. Perry, you fucker.

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Sony Buys CLOUD GAMING SERVICE Gaikai For $380 Million

Sony is taking shit to the Clouds! with a fury. No, they ain’t fucking around anymore, buying the whackily-named cloud gaming service Gaikai for some serious cheddar.

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Cosplay: EARTHWORM JIM’S Princess Whatshername Goes Strangely Erotic

This cosplay takes one of my favorite video games from childhood and dribbles a strange but approved taste of eroticism all over it. Now I finally get the impetus for saving the old hag.