‘Devil May Cry’ animated series coming courtesy of ‘Castlevania’ producer. Will be in the same fucking universe. Goddamn, yes

devil may cry animated series netflix

Listen. After how fucking rad Castlevania has been, I can’t help but be fucking stoked about this.

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‘Devil May Cry 5’ Gameplay Trailer: This tasty-ass looking game drops March 8, 2019

Fuck yeah, am I here for this. Capcom announced that Devil May Cry 5 is dropping next March, and they did so with a tasty-ass gameplay trailer.

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DmC: When Angels Die and Fanboys Cry


It’s perhaps only in retrospect that we can see just how contemporary Devil May Cry was upon its release in 2001. The frantic, accelerated combat mechanics represented an industry pushing hardware to have games play as we’d so often wished they would. It was fast, brutal and responsive. It also introduced the series’ main protagonist, Dante, into the gaming public’s consciousness. This smart-assed, pizza-loving, sharp-dressing demon hunter went on to become the archetypical ‘cool’ video game hero. Fuelled by perceptions of the contemporary taken directly from the worlds of Anime and perceived notions of western ‘cool’: Dante was a product of his time and being contemporary was his nature. So, what happens when your contemporary character isn’t quite so cutting edge any longer? You reinvent him, of course.

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Tameem Antoniades doesn’t have anything against big tits, and for that he should be commended. Appreciate the body types, bro. Appreciate them. Even with this acceptance of rack variety (I’m striking out here), the head of Ninja Theory thinks there are better ways to stimulate people. Yes. Stimulate them.

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Pussy Gamers Get Their Hands Held More; Bayonetta One Button Pwning

One Hot Mama

Bayonetta, the action game coming from the man behind Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry promises to be many things. A showcase of a hot chick in leather and glasses. More action insanity from the master. And apparently, a venue for pussy handholding.

From Destructoid:

Bayonetta‘s “Very Easy Automatic” mode is designed for noobs, but should also be perfectly suited to the chronic wanker. Able to be played with one hand, socially maladjusted gamers like myself will be able to pull their plonkers, issue a fine stringy jet of minging muck-magma, and clean up the pubic marshland without ever having to stop the game. Genius.

The bitchification of gamers continues. What a bunch of casual douchebags the gaming community is coming. I honestly don’t understand how it is gratifying to hit one button and mop the floor with shit. Half of my enjoyment from playing games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 3 is the thrill of execution. It’s about learning the strategies and finally being able to fell some bad ass boss.

Listen, I know they’re going to include a real mode for real gamers, so this is just auxiliary as a way to lure more fans in. But it just seems confounding to me that people would enjoy it, and as a shithead-hard-ass-gaming-dbag, I resent giving shitty gamers the ability to wank out without skill. I know I’m being pretentious. Fuck you.