‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: Baddies Have All The Fun (In The DCU)

This movie, if the trailers are any indication, is shaping up to be very entertaining.

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New ‘Suicide Squad’ Poster Is For Suckers

Suicide Squad


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‘Suicide Squad 2’ planned for 2017 with Ayer and Smith returning

Suicide Squad Poster

I’m pretty excited for Suicide Squad. The latest trailer hooked me, with an irreverence and playfulness that I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t realize I was silently wanting. That said, I enjoyed the Man of Steel trailer. So what the fuck do I know/what the fuck can you really gleam from a trailer? None the less, the film is getting a sequel. With the director and Fresh Prince returning.

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‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: Worst of the Worst (And Fun As Hell)!

Man. I’m not going to lie to you. This trailer has me pretty excited for this film. Like. Man. I don’t know. Seems out of its futzing mind, in all the right ways. At the very least it seems decidedly different fare.

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‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: Justice Has A Bad Side, But At Least This Side Looks Interesting?

First Official Look: The ‘Suicide Squad’ in costume, courtesy of Ayers

Joel Kinnaman replacing Tom Hardy in ‘Suicide Squad’, aiight, okay.


Joel Kinnaman is replacing Thomas Hardy in DC’s Suicide Squad. He is playing Rick Flagg. I don’t know that character. Or Kinnaman.

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