Luc Besson has revealed first image from sci-fi adaptation ‘‘Valerian’


Listen, I’m down for any image that is about that space-suit goodness. Plus, it’s Luc Besson. Dude gave us LeonFifth Element, and you know. From Paris With Love.

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Luc Besson’s next movie is adaptation of space opera ‘Valerian’


Man, I fuck with anything Luc Besson does. So seeing him go deep into space opera territory? It’s got my giblets primed and ready.

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Man. Dane DeHaan usually looks haggard as fuck, but this is some next-level disgusting shit. Check out this more-than-we-need look at the talented actor as the Green Goblin.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2’ Trailer #3: Parker’s Dad, the Rogue Scientist

Amazing Spider-Man #2.

First half of this trailer: Oh man being Spider-Man is fucking glorious, I’m funny and my nuts are huge from radioactivity, things are fun. Second half of this trailer: LOL nvm mind that here’s a tonally inconsistent trailer being Spider-Man actually sucks, post script: everyone I love dies because I wear a leotard.

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Wait, there’s more! Dane DeHaan as HARRY OSBORN in ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.’ SO GOOD.


That’s just an oblique reference to the glorious pie line from Amazing Dancing Peter-Man 3 that Jimmy Franco hung. Well, James has been replaced as the face of Harry Osborn. We all know that. Here for the first time is an official look at his successor.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2’ director teases potential VENOM appearance.


Not only does Amazing Spider-Man 2 exist folks, it is currently filming. Weird as Hell, right? And if you think that is intriguing, buckle up. We may have ourselves some Venomy goodness in the sequel. Either that, or Marc Webb is a mad tip teaser.

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‘CHRONICLE’ lead Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn in ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.’ I’ll take it.

It’s comic book movie adaptation day! There’s a fucking deluge of news, and the latest is centered around who is going to play Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2. The role will be filled with Dane DeHaan, who was excellently creepy in Chronicle.

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Bray Corbet, Dane DeHaan, and Alden Ehrenreich in running for Harry Osborn in ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.’

Harry Osborn up in the house! I’m really intrigued with where they’re going in this second Amazing Garfield flick. They’ve up and dropped the news that Emma Stacy is sloughing her mortal coil, but how literal are they keeping the rest of the story? Eh!? Who knows. What I do know is that I want Dane DeHaan as Harry.

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