Comic Book Sales are the Highest they’ve been in 20 Years


I’m not an economist, I’m too lazy to really dig in-depth into what this news means, so I’m just going to make like a good Millennial. Read the headline, browse the content, and fit the story to my own agenda. Comic books are doing well, fuck yeah!

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Diamond: Comic sales drop, merchandise and graphic novels sales rise

The Man.

Man. I watched The Image Revolution last week, and the most staggering thing about it was how many fucking issues some comic books sold. After being reminded that countless top titles sold 300,000+ issues a month, following sales figures has become really interesting.

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March Comics Sales: IMAGE continues to grow; everybody loves The Bat-Man

Saga #7.

Grow, Image! Grow! Swell up, and strike at the heart of the Mighty Two. Or at least keep pumping out all the creator-owned comic books that get my geek-lit-sequential-art-nipples hard.

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Eight Months Into DC’s ‘NEW 52’, It Isn’t Sales “Game Changer”

Justice is served! Not the Justice League, mind you. Instead DC’s New 52 isn’t rewriting any sort of financial paradigms. This is a good thing, since you know, it really wasn’t that spectacular. Unless you like chitin armor, in which case it was the second coming of God. Or third or fourth coming, depending on your deities of choice.

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DC Comics Beats Marvel Comics In October Nearly 50% to 30%.

I don’t spit as harsh an invective towards the DC New 52 lately, regardless of what I think of the quality of the tale that pushed the reboot or the titles themselves. Why the change? ‘Cause  it’s bolstering the entire market, and good lord if that’s true who am I to complain. At the very least, it’s giving DC a fucking Atomic Leg Drop to blast Marvel with.

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