Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (6.4.14) – Bucky & Steve (Original) Sinning In The Bathroom

Welcome to this fucking jam!

What’s up, good cretins? It’s Wednesday! The second best day of the week! Only being trumped by Thorsday, where myself and several other chaps dress up like The Odinson and have Thorgasms under the Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven. Mjölnir goes places, man! But what would Thorsday be, without Comic Book Day? Nothing! For I shant have such urges if it were not for the weekly arrival of the funny books. They’ve shaped me, my psyche, and the floor of convenience stores across the nation in ways we can only theorize about. This week in funny books sees People Totally Sinning, a Return to the Trees, Miles Morales’ posthumous idol, and more. Strap-in and check out the books I’m picking up, and then hit the comments selection with your own choice cuts.

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (4.02.14) – Tinker, Tailor, Winter Soldier, Spidey

The Winter Soldier.

Where will you be Thursday at midnight?  Will it be at the first screening of Captain America 2:  Patriot Hard With A Vengeance?  Or must you be like me and wait until the schedule clears out and time permits? (Friday at 11:15 am…already Fandangoed the hell out my tix)  Either way, BTFC has some fantastic comics to recommend for your the time in between now and the glory that is seeing Rocky IV all gussied up for the new millenium.  So hit the jump and let’s talk Winter Soldier, a landmark book for the Ultimate Universe, Garth Ennis, Jaime Hernandez, and a slew of other great books.  Punch it, Chewie!

Oh yeah, a full list of books released this week can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (3.05.14) – Dead Moon Knight

Moon Knight #1.

Saddle up, my caballeros, buccaneers, brigands, and thieves.  It’s Wednesday, the day the nation’s geeks, the true geeks mind you – not those Box Office Geeks who say they liked Superman when they were a kid as they stand outside waiting for the Sunday matinee of Man of Steel – ahem – the day the dyed-in-the-wool geeks come out en masse, raiding the local comic shops for the newest bounty.  There was a time, young readers, when not knowing what to expect from the LCS was just a given fact.  Thanks to the wondrous gift of technology, we are blessed with foresight.  We can know the unknown.  I’m here to break down some of the best and brightest booty to get your grubby mitts on, so sit down, buckle in, and push that little red button in the center console that says “BTFC.”  Let’s talk comics, people.

For a full list of comics dropping this week, check HERE.

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Buy These Flippin Comics! (8/14/2013) Omega To Infinity!!


Another week, another batch of funnybooks.  Hit the jump for more of my words, plus a special guest host!

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