Nebraska library refuses to PULL ‘BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE.’ Hell yeah.

The Killing Joke.

Yeah library in Nebraska, there you go! Said library has refused to pull Batman: The Killing Joke from its shelves, after a complaint was lodged against the comic book’s content.

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Alan Moore’s ‘NEONOMICON’ pulled from South Carolina library.

Deep down inside, I know that I disagree with a library’s decision to yank Neonomicon from the shelves. I do. I appreciate the need to combat censorship, that sort of thing. On a more visceral level however, I can’t be too offended. While a bit heady in places, Moore’s entire series is slathering in the jizz of mythical monster orgies and ultra violence. Like, seriously.

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CBLDF And Other Organizations Come To Defense of Alan Moore’s ‘NEONOMICON’ After Library Pulls It.

The CBLDF and other organizations are launching into action after Alan Moore and Jacen Burrow’s pretty fucking terrifying comic Neonomicon got pulled from a library in South Carolina.

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Iran’s “HALAL INTERNET” Becoming A More-Ambitious Part Of Current Censorship Regime.

I’ve been spitting articles at you lately concerning Iran and its desire to create its own intranet cut off from us diabolical Western bastards with our (illusions) of democracy and Coca Cola. Turns out, Iran ain’t going to be pulling that off any time soon. Instead they’re just doubling over on their current censorship.

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Video: Matt Stone On The MPAA Ratings Board’s Corruption.

With all the noise regarding the MPAA’s bullshit treatment of Bully, this video of Matt Stone laying into the board is pretty relevant. Diggin’ on it. I never really have stopped to think how absurd they are.

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