DC “pulling back” on variant covers. Despite release FIFTY-TWO variants of ‘JLA’ #1. Lawl.

Don’t ever start making sense, DC. I’d hate to take you pig-greasers seriously. Or rather, take the minds at the top making all the puke-covered decisions. I take a lot of the creative minds at the joint very seriously. The latest noise coming out of their Den is that they plan on pulling back on variant covers. This is said, of course, in light of the news that they’re dropping fifty-two variants for JLA #1.

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DC doesn’t confirm SCOTT SNYDER doing ‘MAN OF STEEL’ COMIC. Pretty do confirm it.

One of those stalwart manners for cross-promoting a comic book and a funny rag movie is to get yourself a tie-in comic. Usually that sort of thing makes me puke chunks. Little corn-filled chunks, from them corn and beans empanadas that I pound before power lifting. Maybe this next one from DC will be different, though. They haven’t confirmed it, but word on the corporate-synergy-market-everything-into-paste vine is that Scotty Snyder will be helming a Man of Steel comic.

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DC Reintroducing Prominent Character As Gay; Dick Grayson Please.

DC is reversing the claim they made last year where they stated that they would not reintroduce an established prominent character as gay, instead wanting to focus on organically introducing homosexual characters into their universe. What a difference a year makes, no?

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