‘Suicide Squad 2’ wants Benicio del Toro for its villain. Fucking dope, but please don’t waste him!

suicide squad benicio del toro

James Gunn and his Suicide Squad are eyeballing Benicio del Toro for its villain. The news? Dope. The trepidation? That the actor will be squandered yet again in a big budget movie, ala Guardians of the Galaxy and The Last Jedi.

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Benicio Del Toro cast in the new ‘Predator’ movie


Benicio Del Toro is awesome. Shane Black is awesome. The Predator is awesome. This movie is trending towards awesome.

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Producers: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro & Josh Brolin returning for ‘Sicario 2’


What the fuck? Sicario was sneaky excellent last year, and while it was a dour and miserable trek, I fucking loved it. That said, the idea of a sequel is, uh, odd?

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Confirmed: Benicio del Toro is ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ villain, shooting begins in March

Looks like we’ve got our Episode VIII villain, in the form of rumored-and-now-confirmed actor Benicio del Toro. Stoked.

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‘Episode VIII’ News: Benicio del Toro thinks his role in film is happening

del Toro.

Futz yeah! Remember that rumor from last month (or so) that had pegged Benicio del Toro as the villain in Episode VIII? Well. We still don’t know who del Toro will be playing, but it sure seems like the actor is going to be getting up in the Star Wars franchise.

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‘Sicario’ Trailer: Welcome to Juarez

New ‘Sicario’ Trailer: Emily Blunt ain’t a soldier. But she’s at war, anyways.

Benicio Del Toro offered ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ villain role


I could fuck with this. Hard.

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‘Sicario’ Trailer: Villeneuve’s Brutal Cartel Movie Gives A Glimpse of the Madness



Well THANEWS is that Vin Diesel isn’t playing THANOS. Ha! It almost rhymes. Eh whatever. Vinny D’s role in the Marvel Movie Universe has seemingly been revealed, and the good sir is going to be providing voice work for a character I know nothing about.

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