Marvel reveals ‘Secret Wars’ comic ‘1872’, starring Sheriff Steve Rogers


Let me talk about the zillionth Secret Wars tie-in I’m stoked about! 1872! I know. I don’t really cover DC here anymore. MAYBE!, my excitement will be rebooted when their post-Convergence line-up hits. But until then it’s straight MAHHVEL FANBOY HEAH FROM MY SEAT IN BAWSTAHN KEHD.

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Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ being revived by Noelle Stevenson (‘Lumberjanes’) as part of ‘Battleworld’


I’ll say this: I can’t complain about Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars/Battleworld bullshit. Not anymore. Not with how many dope comic series it is generating in the face of the MARVEL OMNIVERSE smashing together. The latest dope announcement? Runaways lives again!

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Confirmed: Marvel merging the 616 and Ultimate Universes in ‘Secret Wars’

Full Size Secret Wars Bro!

Well, smarter people than me around here have been specuating for a while that this was going to happen. Marvel is merging together it’s typical (616) universe and its Ultimate universe. The Orgy of Continuity will take place at Battleworld, and like — all parts of Battleworld are in continuity. But like, yeah, I don’t get how this is going to work coming out of Secret Wars. Whatever Universe(s) are left standing after Battelworld will coalesce into what will be considered Continuity?

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Marvel ‘Secret Wars’ Comic Trailer: Throwdown On Battleworld

Secret Wars

Apparently (and probably, obviously) Marvel’s new Secret Wars comic event next year is going to similar to the original. Basically, different Universes smashing it the fuck out. I’m intrigued. But overwhelmed. I am so fucking behind on the Marvel Universe that I don’t really know what the fuck is going on. I read my Hawkguy and my Ms. Marvel, and then I peace the fuck out. A portion of it has to do with this very issue — the seemingly endless and convoluted Universes that the MU stretches across these days. If Secret Wars is going to (hopefully) clean up some of this continuity, I’m fucking for it. But in all honesty I was all for it when Hickman and Ribic were announced as the creative team.

Details and the trailer after the break.

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