Marvel ‘Secret Wars’ Comic Trailer: Throwdown On Battleworld

Secret Wars

Apparently (and probably, obviously) Marvel’s new Secret Wars comic event next year is going to similar to the original. Basically, different Universes smashing it the fuck out. I’m intrigued. But overwhelmed. I am so fucking behind on the Marvel Universe that I don’t really know what the fuck is going on. I read my Hawkguy and my Ms. Marvel, and then I peace the fuck out. A portion of it has to do with this very issue — the seemingly endless and convoluted Universes that the MU stretches across these days. If Secret Wars is going to (hopefully) clean up some of this continuity, I’m fucking for it. But in all honesty I was all for it when Hickman and Ribic were announced as the creative team.

Details and the trailer after the break.

Comics Alliance:

On Monday, DC unveiled its plans for Convergence, its spring 2015 event about a universe-spanning conflict. Now, after threeplus weeks of teases, Marvel has added some clarity to its summer 2015 event, Secret Wars. Guess what it’s going to be via a new, minute-long trailer.

If you guessed “a universe-spanning conflict,” you are correct.

As many observers guessed, the teasers Marvel has been releasing over the past few weeks, most of which have borne titles of Marvel events from throughout the decades, represent the various pocket universes that will populate Secret Wars‘ new Battleworld, a concept from the original Secret Wars series back in the mid-’80s. In the original series, Battleworld was the place where the Beyonder sent superheroes to duke it out. In this one, it’s going to be the result of worlds colliding and smushing together — doubtlessly due to the “incursions” of other universes as depicted in Secret Wars writer Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers and elsewhere.

From the looks of it, each universe will get its own “country” within Battleworld, though I’m not sure why Planet Hulk gets the huge land mass on the northern end of the map while X-Men ’92 (newly announced this week) only rates a tiny, Estonia-like nation. Whatever the reason for that is, it seems like there’s a Hulk-specific region (north), an X-Men-specific region (east), and an Avengers area (central).

Another odd item to note: Inhumans: Attilan Rising and Ultimate Universe: The End are occupying the same country, dead in the middle. Maybe that means something and maybe it doesn’t, but it seemingly makes it all the more clear that something is going to happen with the Ultimate Universe in this thing.