New ‘BATMAN’ Game Is Prequel To ‘ARKHAM ASYLUM’, Features Justice League.

The next Batty-Man video game is going to be all up in the prequel bidness. Not only that, Flying Rodent Fans, it is also going to feature the Justice League.

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‘HARLEY QUINN’S REVENGE’ TRAILER: Unfortunate Dubstep, and Sweet Moves From Robin

Why any trailer features dubstep anymore is beyond me. Even the douchiest of stalwart dubstep  proponents  have to admit that using it in a trailer is played out, refried, shat out, and stomped on. Thankfully for Harley Quinn’s Revenge, its trailer also features some great action courtesy of the Bat-Man and Robin.

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‘HARLEY QUINN’S REVENGE’ coming to ‘Arkham City’, goth chick schwing.

Arkham City  was a legit piece of comic book sandbox ass-whuppery, and it’s getting a bit zanier. The title is snagging not just a Game of the Year Edition, but also some Harley Quinn DLC.

Hit the jump for details and a trailer.

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Review: Batman Arkham City

Icarus, Jesus, Rocksteady Games. What do these three entities have in common. It’s not an affinity for sandals, or a desire to get closer to God, no: they are all victims of their own success. If I was in charge of Rocksteady Games I would have packed it in right after Arkham Asylum because crappy boss fights aside, that game was pure perfection.

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More Artwork of Robin From ‘Batman: Arkham City’ With Developer Comments.

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that Robin was going to be thrown into Batman: Arkham City as a pre-order bonus. Said Robin was revealed, and he looked all sorts of brooding and angsty. The people. They were not pleased. Rocksteady Studios has released some more artwork of the Boy Wonder, and saw fit to explain their design choices as well.

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Robin Unveiled As Playable In ‘Batman: Arkham City.’ Via Pre-Order, Blegh.

The pre-order wars continue, scorching the ass of gamers everywhere who just want to be able to buy a game packed with loot. If you pre-ordered Arkham City somewhere other than Best Buy, you may want to reconsider that decision. They got the Robin. The Robin guy. Despite looking like an extreme shaven-head asshole, they got him.

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The Riddler Is All Up In Batman: Arkham City.

The Riddler isn’t just some sidegame in Arkham City like he was in the first Batman game by Rocksteady Studios. No sir. According to Destructoid, The Riddler won’t be “just be taunting Batman this time around, but would have a physical presence in the world of Arkham City.”


Hit the jump for a few new images of Mr. Nygma and Bats.

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Batman: Arkham City Official Gameplay Trailer Drops. Goodness Me.

The official gameplay trailer for Arkham City dropped today, and I’m filling my Batsuit with muck. It’s all the awesomeness I expected, complimented by some sweet bullshit on the side. The portions with Batman flying through the night evading gun fire and swooping down to the ground weren’t something I was expecting, and they generated some serious torque in my crotchal region.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Here’s Some Batman: Arkham City Concept Art. Insert Pun.

You hankering for some Batman: Arkham City? Here’s some gorgeous concept art to hold you over.

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Batman: Arkham City Droppin’ October 18; Bat Bulge!

Batman: Arkham City is officially dropping on October 18. What the fuck, Eidos! You had to release Arkham City right before the teeth of the gaming season. Son of a bitch. It would have been so much nicer to drop this dime in the middle of the summer. I could have kicked back, not worried about the deluge of games coming, and slowly manipulated my controller to the sight of Selina Kyle all done up in her latex and the such. Would have been astounding.

Hit the jump for some new images of this beast.

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