‘The Batman’ will begin filming in Spring 2019 with Affleck producing. Hopefully only producing amirite

the batman spring 2019 ben affleck producing

The Batman has a fucking date to begin filming That’s right, friends. Spring 2019! Furthermore, motherfuckin’ Benny Affleck is going to be producing. But let me level with ya, I really don’t want the dude in the suit.

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Jake Gyllenhaal rumored to replace Affleck as Batman. Don’t tease me, bro

rumor jake gyllenhaal replace ben affleck batman

Rumor has Jake Gyllenhaal as the dude eyed to replace Ben Affleck, should the actor drop the mantle. Like, this is fantastic, and I want it. Gyllenhaal is similar Ben Affleck, except talented, better looking, and ostensibly wouldn’t hate the role with every fiber of his being. Still not convinced? Go watch Nightcrawler and Prisoners and then get the fuck out of my faceee.

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Report: ‘The Batman’ Is Being Directed By Matt Reeves

the batman director matt reeves

When Batfleck announced he wasn’t directing The Batman, the first name that dropped as his replacement was Matt Reeves. It appears that name was, in fact, correct. And my take? Sure? Dude is competent enough. Enormous fall down from Christopher Nolan, maybe a fall down from Affleck, certainly Jesus Christ in comparison to Zack Snyder.

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Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie is shooting in Spring 2017

ben affleck batman movie

Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, also known as The DCU Movie People Want To See, finally has a start date for its shooting. Spring, 2017.

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Rumor: Ben Affleck’s Batman movie will take place in Arkham Asylum


New rumor time, for the upcoming Batfleck Flick! Apparently, the movie is going to take place in Arkham Asylum. This rumor seems plausible when considered in conjunction with prior rumors, which had the movie starring what was described as a “fuck load” of Batman villains.

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Rumor: ‘Batman’ solo movie to co-star Will Smith’s Deadshot


Will Smith’s Deadshot is premiering next year in DC’s Suicide Squad, and it is looking like we may know where he will turn up next. In…Ben Affleck’s Batman flick? Admittedly, I don’t know Deadshot’s story very well. So maybe this makes sense in the grand scheme of the Bat-Mythos. But to an uneducated slob like me, it seems like “Let’s shove Character X into Character’s Y movie, because: star power!” Which, in the name of fairness, I will admit seems to be happening in the third Thor movie too.

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Obviously: Ben Affleck signing on for ‘Batman’ trilogy

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

Wait. Wait! Are we supposed to be shocked that Ben Affleck is signing up for his own trilogy of films? ‘Cause that’s the rumor. But it sort of seems obvious?

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Sometimes you just genuinely miss Christian Bale as The Dark Knight

First Clear Look: Poster of Batfleck from ‘Batman v Superman’

Rumor: Batfleck appearing in ‘Suicide Squad’ before his solo flick. ‘Cause Batman.


DC knows what you want, fuckers! They have studied your genitals’ heat fluctuations. The ones that occur when they murmur superheroes’ names into your ear-brain while you sleep. And they’ve found that you pretty much only give a shit about Batman. So you’ll get him. In everything.

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