Rumor: ‘Batman’ solo movie to co-star Will Smith’s Deadshot


Will Smith’s Deadshot is premiering next year in DC’s Suicide Squad, and it is looking like we may know where he will turn up next. In…Ben Affleck’s Batman flick? Admittedly, I don’t know Deadshot’s story very well. So maybe this makes sense in the grand scheme of the Bat-Mythos. But to an uneducated slob like me, it seems like “Let’s shove Character X into Character’s Y movie, because: star power!” Which, in the name of fairness, I will admit seems to be happening in the third Thor movie too.


It looks like Will Smith is down to play Deadshot in more than just “Suicide Squad.” A new rumor reported by Latino Review posits that the A-list actor wants to put his multiple-film contract to use, and that means he could end up co-starring in the possible Batman film starring Ben Affleck.

Smith will make his debut as Deadshot in 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” which is the first of many films Warner Bros. has signed him up for. Since the actor is reportedly up for playing a “major role” in the fledgeling film universe, “Batman” might be where he ends up next. The rumor also states that the decision-makers involved seem “enthusiastic” about the possibilities of Affleck and Smith starring in the new “Batman.”

At this point, Ben Affleck’s involvement in a solo Batman film has yet to be confirmed. Rumors have also emerged that Affleck will direct the Batman film and that he and Geoff Johns areworking on the screenplay. No official word about the existence of a solo Batman film has been given, though, and Warner Bros. has not changed their shared superhero film slate since it was announced.