Apple wasn’t to blame for blocking ‘SAGA’, but they still pretty much suck.


As the world fucking turns! Apparently it wasn’t those Techno-Fascists at Apple who banned Saga #12 from the digital comic shelves. No sir, no ma’am. Turns out that ComiXology never even submitted it to them for approval. The company claims that it didn’t have to do with any particular sexual orientation, but can we just throw the flag on that bullshit? What then – what magical thing in the twelfth issue – prompted them to forego submitting it? ‘Cause they’ve submitted issues of Saga with raging rotting testicles, gratuitous hetero-fucking, and ultra-violence.

I ain’t buying it.

And Apple? Fuck them anyways.

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Robbers snagged over $1 MILLION worth of gear from Apple store on NYE.

This is a hell of a plan. Swoop into a store during a ruckus-filled evening and snag you know, a considerable amount of Apple swag. To the tune of like, you know, $1 million dollars. Even in this time of inflation, that is a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers.

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Apple Store Uses Angle Of OPEN MACBOOKS To Get You To Feel Them Up

True confession: I have left a good amount of Apple stores behind with OL’s home page clogging up an iPad display. I’m usually doing this while lamenting my lack of money, and so I’ve never really noticed the angle of open MacBooks. An angle that is apparently rather calculated.

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