‘The Flash’ considering ‘It’ director Andy Muschietti to helm movie. Yeah, sure, okay, just start filming

it director andy muschietti the flash

Apparently, WB is considering It director Andy Muschietti to helm The Flash movie. Man, this movie has been in development Hell for years. Fucking years. So, I don’t really feel anything at this news. This movie has churned through so many fucking writers and directors at this point, why bother. That said, I thought It was about as overrated as can be. But, dude seems competent. Whatever that means.

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Andy Muschietti planning to direct ‘It’ sequel prior to making ‘Robotech’

andy muschietti it sequel before robotech

I’m pretty fucking torqued for It. Rendar’s surprised by my excitement, as I’ve sort of carved a niche for myself by kiddingly trolling Stephen King for years. But, I don’t know. Nostalgia plus a burgeoning love for horror has me excited. Apparently, apparently I’m not alone in my excitement. The movie is tracking very well, with a sequel almost all but guaranteed. A sequel which director Andy Muschietti intends on making prior to helming Robotech.


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