Before The Fight, ANDERSON SILVA and CHAEL SONNEN Face Off…In A Comic Book.

I’ve been awaiting the Silva/Sonnen rematch for a good amount of time. Differing from most of my friends, I find Sonnen to be a bit of a douche. I’ve been biding my time, and god dammit I hope to see him get ass laid out. Overeager and ready to watch, waiting for Saturday seems an interminable amount of time. Thankfully, uh, I can spend some of it reading a comic book about them.

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Video: ANDERSON SILVA Judging Babes In Body Paint. Meathead Smile ++

Anderson Silva isn’t just the greatest fighter in MMA history, he also has a PhD in Swag. Here is the good champion judging a body paint competition in his native land of Brazil. A land where everything makes sense. Save for the poverty and despair and corruption. Mostly just that they have game shows where dudes judge women in body paint. Check it out after the jump.

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[Interview] Dragotta Check It Out!

Last week, I described Fantastic Four #588 as one of the emotionally charged comics I’ve ever read, a single issue that pulls on the heartstrings in ways that most superhero books just don’t. Ever. Moreover, I found the book to be an especially affective insight into the loss of a loved one because of its omission of narration, dialogue, and exposition. Instead, the reader must tacitly absorb the death of Johnny Storm through Nick Dragotta’s art.

I was so impressed by Dragotta’s work that I visited his website, hoping to learn more. And while his blog is definitely worth checking out, it just wasn’t enough for me. Ravenous, I decided to ask him for an interview. To my delight, he obliged.

What follows are Nick Dragotta’s incredibly candid, insightful, and entertaining answers to my buffoonish questions. More than just a skilled artist (and he definitely is), Dragotta proves to be a down-to-earth chum and all-around decent human being.

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