EA’s ‘Star Wars’ game is now on the shelf after ‘Uncharted’ director Amy Hennig leaves company

uncharted ea star wars game amy hennig

EA! How badly can you continuously fuck up, BRO!? You had Amy Hennig, one of the industry’s preeminent directors helming your Star Wars game. Now you no longer got Amy Hennig, and you no longer got that Star Wars title. Ya’ll a company worthy of pairing up with the equally inept Lucasfilm.

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EA shutting down Visceral Games and cancelling their ‘Star Wars’ game because they are fucking Sewer Fluid

ea close visceral games cancel star wars game

Fucking Electronic Arts, dude. They’ve shuttered Visceral Games, the minds behind Dead Space, who were until recently working on a Star Wars game. Not only that, but the project was being shepherded by Amy Hennig, who made her reputation on the fucking Uncharted franchise.

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Visceral’s ‘Star Wars’ game is going to be in style of ‘Uncharted.’ Bless The Force.


Well, I suppose this makes sense. According to the actor behind Nathan Drake, the collective talent that left Naughty Dog and the Uncharted series to make a Star Wars game will be making a game similar to Uncharted. Go figure. And I cannot fucking wait.

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‘UNCHARTED’ writer Amy Henning is now new ‘STAR WARS’ game’s creative director

Amy Hennig.

I’m going to go ahead and say this now. Write it in digital stone. The next Star Wars game is going to rule. Drawing inspiration from the Batman: Arkham Games. Being spearheaded by Amy Hennig. This is fucking awesome.

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‘UNCHARTED’ creative director AMY HENNIG leaves Naughty Dog. Perhaps pushed out. #BackroomDealings


The main brain-piece behind the Uncharted franchise has peaced the fuck out of Naughty Dog. Amid reports that the minds behind The Last of Us did some squeezing of her out, Sony has confirmed the departure today. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t impact the quality of the next Uncharted, but if she’s being squeezed out, it ain’t by fools of lesser capabilities. Maybe? #GamingBackRoomPolitics

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