Every Single Activision Studio Works On ‘Call Of Duty’ Now. Like, What The Fuck?

every single activision studio works on call of duty

I’ve always known that Activision spends a lot of time, money, and talent on keeping the fat tits of the Call of Duty franchise milkable. Like I knew it was a Leviathan, but this news is fucking insane. It turns out that every single studio the company owns works on the franchise. Every single one! Which totally sucks in its own way. But, it doubly sucks when you think of all the games these talented developers are pulled off of.

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Bungie has gained the publishing rights for ‘Destiny’ and left Activision. This can only be a good fucking thing, right?

bungie destiny activision split

Bungie has split with Activision, and they’re taking the mofuckin’ rights to Destiny with them. I don’t hate Destiny, but it’s just never been compelling to me. That said, I’m still excited by this news. Let’s see what Bungie can come up with for the future of the franchise, when they’re not having to answer to Activision and its stockholders on the regular. Right? Maybe?

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Activision announces ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ with reveal coming April 26

activision call of duty wwii april 26

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, Activision has officially announced a Call of Duty title. After it’s been leaked to the public.

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Next ‘Call of Duty’ To Return To Its “Roots” With “Traditional Combat”

call of duty 2017 roots traditional combat

Call of Duty is doing what Battlefield did last year, folks. It’s eschewing the science-fiction, jet-pack madness for more traditional combat. Returning the series to its roots, if you will. I’m down! I’m down for it. I mean, fuck, I enjoyed the science-fiction interpretation, but I think we’re all ready to strip the series back down.

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‘Destiny 2’ Coming This Year According To Activision

destiny 2 activision 2017

I’m excited for Destiny 2. The original was rocky out of the gate, but Bungie has more than found their footing since then. So a full, dedicated installment to learn all their lessons from developing the first? Nice.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Trailer: Check The Bloody Spit Shine

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Remastered Multiplayer Trailer: The Classic gets a Shine

I’m totally buying the Modern Warfare Remaster edition of Infinite Warfare. ‘Cause I love Call of Duty and I love(d) Modern Warfare. I don’t need a trailer to convince me to make this decision, but watching this certainly doesn’t make me regret it.

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‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ Cinematic Trailer: Game Dropping Summer 2016

Well, the Demon Hunter shows no lack of raging fortitude, huh? I’ll be back for this WoW expansion, just like I’m back for all of them. (Though, I didn’t even play Warlords. I just uh, sort of bought it. But that counts on some level, right?)

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‘Diablo 3’ has sold more than 30 million units. The Dark Master is omnipresent

I really need to play Diablo 3‘s expansion pack. Namely because I bought it, and never played it. Though also because I’ve heard that the third installment in the Diablo 3 franchise has actually become quite solid through expansion and patching. Can anyone around speak to that? Can anyone around here play it with me?

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‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5’ Gameplay Trailer: Hey Kids, Do You Like Grinding?