Monday Morning Commute: claw. tooth. & nail.

claw. tooth. & nail.


What’s this weekly feature, you ask? Well, first I’m going to batter your brain with some drivel-fiction sci-fi nonsense. After that, I’m going to share some of the entertainment foodstuffs I’ll be devourin’ over the course of the week. Y’know, as a means of sustaining joy during the spirit-threatin’ workdays.

But wait! The best part is when everyone who isn’t me jumps into the comments section to share what they’ll be doing this week! So enough with the prelude, let’s go for it!

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Desktop Thursdays: lower the toast. most formal etiquette is useless.


Welcome to the Outside-Inside look at my life, friends. The world viewed through my Particulars. This time of the year, this time of the semester, it’s mainly looking at books. Underlined sections of parchment parading around as anything other than what they really are — bullshit academic pandering by a bullshit academic (I don’t actually believe that, I’m just tired.) Anyways, check out my existence. My View From The Space-Ship. And share your own in the comments.

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Paul Greengrass adapting ‘1984’ for the movies

Big Brother.

Why do we want to watch 1984? Ain’t it like we’re living this shit? None the less. Paul Greengrass will bring to us proles a movie about proles based on a book about proles and oppression and regression and societal dumbing-down and the surveillance state. Us proles will watch it, most won’t get, and those who do won’t use it to motivate them. Whatever.

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View From The Space-Ship: Existence, Deferred


Don’t worry about it. Yeah you got that thing to do. But you’ll get to it tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that. Keep your nose down. Do your job. Talk about the weather. Feign interest in the Dead Democracy. Yeah you got that thing to do. But you’ll get to it next week. Or maybe the week after that. Make small talk about the local sports team. Notice your gray hairs. Lament the weight gain. Yeah you got that thing to do. But you’ll get to it next month. Or maybe the month after that.

Here’s the view from within My Cycle. Floating about the Space-Ship. Grinding it out. Grinding. It. Out. Share your own Grind-Cycle if you’re so inclined.

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View From The Space-Ship: Laffy Taffy Temporality


Jesus Christ. It’s been a week since I poked my head out of the hovel known as Port 6616 of the Space-Ship OMEGA? Crazy life the past seven days. Wrought with tension, anxiety, smiles, laughs, farts, poops, lesson plans, caffeine. I’m posting this just as a proof of life. Desktop Thursdays has transmogrified into something more accurate: View From The Space-Ship. Per usual I encourage everyone (if there’s anyone in these halls anymore) to share their own existential snippets.

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Desktop Thursdays: On the Hunt For the Cyclops


Desktop Thursdays! Where I yank back the scab obfuscating my Realm from the All-Peering Eyes of you Internet Lords. Bask in confirmation of my tangibility. Bow your head, humbled, knowing that such refuse as myself runs free within the Kingdom. Then share looks into your own world. Virtual and Literal.

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Monday Morning Commute: Robot Love at the End of the Galaxy

MMC - Robot Love.

Saddle up to your robo-partner and plant a smooch right on their Metallic Dome-Piece. This is Monday Morning Commute and I want both you and your Android to be comfortable enough around me to share the various things you’re looking forward to this week. Be it a comic book, a Gathering of the Juggalos, or the new bang session you’re going to partake in with Shiela-Charles-Mach-IV. You can tell us. We know you’ve been saving up for the ultra-smooth, yet insistingly thorough pelvic-pistons with your Cyborg Bitty.

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GO FIGURE: UK agency spied on your dongs through webcam images; explored Kinect surveillance

Obey! Big Brother!

It turns out some British intelligence agency totally looked at webcam images from more than a million Yahoo user accounts. I’m shocked! Like way shocked. Double go figure: they were like “Hey we can probably look at everyone’s business through their Kinect, too.”

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Apple buys company that MADE ORIGINAL KINECT. All Minority Report Everything.

HAL 9000. BRUH.

The company that made the 1984 advertisement back in the day is doubling down on creepy future-tech. That’s right, Apple has bought the folks who made Microsoft’s original Kinect. And now there ain’t nothing holding back the Steve Jobs-nanobody robopocalypse.

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Obey! Big Brother!

I’m a beaten man when it comes to this sort of nonsense. Yesterday’s Megaton Bomb was the Megaton Bomb that anyone with a subtle sense of what is going on in this world already knew: the NSA pretty much collects everything about all of us. The only solution? Continue plummeting down the rabbit hole into furry-scat-vomit porn and fiction, attempting to at least shock them. Though I know with resignation that I am not a unique snowflake, and there are lots of Me out there.

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