Monday Morning Commute: claw. tooth. & nail.

claw. tooth. & nail.


What’s this weekly feature, you ask? Well, first I’m going to batter your brain with some drivel-fiction sci-fi nonsense. After that, I’m going to share some of the entertainment foodstuffs I’ll be devourin’ over the course of the week. Y’know, as a means of sustaining joy during the spirit-threatin’ workdays.

But wait! The best part is when everyone who isn’t me jumps into the comments section to share what they’ll be doing this week! So enough with the prelude, let’s go for it!


[tooth. claw. & nail.]

You think you can go back? You think there’ll be some day, some conceivable moment, where you’ll want to go back there? To that space station?


Hell, even if the River Styx turned to cold sludge and Charon traded his ferry for ice skates – even if – you really think they’d ever want you see you again?

“Y’never know…”

Look at yourself. Seriously, take a look at your reflection in the docking bay window. What do you see? What about your reflection stands out?

“Tired eyes.”

No. Broken eyes. What else do you see?

“Blood on my gloves.”

Whose blood?

“My blood.”


“Their blood.”

Tell me – would you forgive someone who looks like you? Someone who did what you did?


So go ahead, burn the bridge. Might as well. If you need to rationalize it to yourself, consider it the coup de grace in a mercy killing. The few who survive will have to claw tooth and nail to even get to the control panel. And once there, how do you think they’ll feel when they discover that there aren’t enough fuel cells to make it to the next system?


Now – if by some super-stretch of imagination, some miracle that can’t be but somehow gets blinked into existence, those few who struggle their way to the control panel don’t kill themselves after discovering the dearth of fuel, and they manage to get send out an ess-oh-ess and somebody saves them and they walk away from this whole thing lungs-still-breathin’ and heart-still-beatin’ – how do you think these survivors will spend the rest of their lives?

“Tryin’ to find and kill me.”

So do the reasonable thing, the humane thing, the only thing. Burn the bridge.

“…Okay. Oh. Oh, shit…”

What’s wrong?

“I lost my lighter.”


Gettin’ my PKD on by (finally) reading A SCANNER DARKLY!


Bowin’ before Kurosawa as I give YOJIMBO a first-viewing!


Absolutely blastin’ KING’S DEAD as I prepare for the next movie in the greatest franchise of all time! That’s right — move aside BOND and GODZILLA and EVERYONE ELSE! Long live the MCU!


Preppin’ for an early-KUBRICK double-feature and diving down the rabbit hole by looking for interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff!


Rockin’ what seems to be a return to form for JAMES BLAKE!


Teachin’ the youth about 2018 by having them read 1984.


Watching the Super Bowl. Awaiting the appearance of Tender Branson.
Uninformed Prediction: Patriots 22/Eagles 21


So, what’s the week look like for you? What should I really be doing with my time? Hit up the comments section and share your wares!