Rumor: Captain America and Iron Man in the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie


Lost in all the fapping over and critiquing of last week’s Civil War trailer was this: there wasn’t any Spider-Kid in the trailer. Which is sort of dope, ’cause it means they’re saving him. For when? Who knows! But he will be in the movie, as part of the glorious Shared Universe. And it gets better! Not only is Spidey appearing in a Cap movie, but Cap and Iron Man will also be appearing in his.

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‘Spider-Man’ reboot casts Marisa Tomei as Aunt May

well then

The cast for the Spider-Man reboot is beginning to take shape. The film has added none other than Marisa Tomei, casting the actress in the role of Aunt May. How you feeling about this choice? Personally, I’m down for Marisa Tomei in any film.

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Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ director search narrowed down to Ted Melfi and Jonathan Levine

Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Why was I still laboring under the delusion that Drew Goddard was running the Spider-Man project? Is he writing it or something? Or is it just wishful thinking, post-Daredevil? Anyways. Marvel’s search is down to these two dudes.

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Dumb Speculation: Russo Brothers sign Sony deal; mayhaps rebooting ‘Spider-Man’

The Russo Brothers.

Maybe it ain’t Drew Goddard rebooting Spider-Man? Maybe it’s the Russo Brothers. Men behind Cap 2 and Cap: Civil War. You know, the movie everyone is sweating Spider-Man to appear in. Now they’ve signed a deal with Sony, home of The Spider-Men. Could these be the dudes to reboot Spidey?

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NEW Spider-Man Set Photos Got Parker In A Pimp Robe. Rock.

I often get into a debate about what I give a fuck about and what I’ll post about. Generally I ignore shit I don’t give a fuck about, but sometimes there’s a subsection of something I give a fuck about that I actually don’t give a fuck about.

Translation: I’m riding the new Spider-Man’s jock, but I don’t give a fuck about retarded set photos taken while they’re not shooting. But for continuity’s sake, I’ll post them anyways.


Hit the jump for the junk.

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Spider-Man Reboot Gets An Official Title! Plus, New Promo Image.

Oh snap, the Spider-Man reboot has gotten its official title. Hold your breath! Ready? It’s going to be called The Amazing Spider-Man. Shocking? Sort of? Maybe? No? Predictable? None of those responses would surprise me.

It’s amazing that with all the Parker rage going on here at OL from myself and others, I’m eagerly anticipating the flick. I dug Webb’s 500 Days, and Garfield’s performance in the Social Network sold me as well. I’m certain that whatever apathy I have regarding the franchise as a whole won’t prohibit me from giving the reboot a fair chance.

Hit the jump for the promo image they dropped at the time of the announcement.

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New Spider-Man Movie Brings Back Web-Shooters! OMFG, Dorks.

Hey dickhead dorks. Yeah, you. The ones that gripe. You can scratch something off your list of Infinitely Long Things to Bitch about. The new Spider-Man flick by Marc Webb starring Andrew Garfield is bringing back web-shooters. Praise Allah! Right? The confirmation comes from Emma Stone dropping an interview with MTV. Hit the jump for the details.

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Andrew Garfield Talks About The Beginning Of Spider-Man Filming.

Earlier this week we got our first glimpse of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Now today running throughout the various pipes and tubings of the internet are excerpts from The Los Angeles Times‘ interview with him. Taken from The Envelope, the awards blog for the Times, Garfield opens up about the first two weeks of filming the new Spider-Man flick.

Hit the jump for excerpts, and an insight into the new Peter Parker. Hint: he seems less doughy and dorky than Tobey McGuire. I like.

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New Spider-Man Movie To Spider-Crap On Mythos?

Completely sensationalist title! Ha! I got you! And I just stole your cookie, what the fuck are you going to do? But no seriously. Apparently Emma Stone was on Jay Leno last night, and she dropped the claim that she’s going to be around for a few web-slinging flicks. When Jay asked how long she’ll be keeping her blond hair, she responded “There’s a few Spidermen, so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.”


Every Spider-Man dude knows that Gwen bites the fucking bullet hard. It’s one of the multitude of reasons that Parker is a whiny bitch. But! Could they be changing something? Is Gwen going to live? Sure, her surviving one film doesn’t mean she isn’t going to die eventually. However, let’s dare to dream. I’d be very excited if they decided to keep Gwen as Parker’s main squeeze.

Not only have we done the whole courting of Mary Jane, but I’m going to hit you guys with something: I fucking hate Mary Jane. Yeah, I know she symbolizes the impossibility that the average nerd can’t attain. What is more of an accomplishment than the dweeb acquiring the supermodel who gets him?

Not much.

But I’ve always preferred Stacy to MJ, and if this means she’ll be keeping a pulse for the foreseeable future, then good.

First Look At Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy


..Sort of? Psyche! Total tabloid title there. But yeah, this is a look at Emma Stone with blond hair. Stone, a natural blond is known for rocking a firey mane. But with Stacy being an Aryan posterchild, she took it back to her roots. Literally! LOL, I’m a comedian. Puns ahoy!

But seriously, she looks fucking gorgeous. And very Gwen Stacy. I’m sold, super sold. I was sold before, and now I’m doubling-down. A double order of yes.

Hit the jump for more pictures of her loving ridiculously Gwen Stacy-esque.

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