Season of the Very Bored Nicolas Cage

I don’t think anyone was expecting much from Season of the Witch. So in that respect, I guess it doesn’t disappoint. The film has been rotting in distribution hell for 10 months now. It was originally slated for a March 2010 release, but sour business between Lionsgate and Relativity Media forced it to be shelved…until now. Cage’s presence is probably the only factor that saved this silly film from a direct to DVD ditch.

Personally, I will see anything with Nic Cage in it. I think he’s a genius. And in college I studied under one of the leading Black Plague scholars, Dr. Donna Vinson. So Cage starring in a Black Plague-related film? Sounded like a dream. But as more and more info trickled out, it became obvious SotW was going to be a throwaway in Cage’s oeuvre. I took the bullet anyway – just for you guys.

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CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Welcome to the first Cage Match of 2011, dear readers. Last week we posted two days late due to the holidays and stomach flu, but the tides of Nicolas are now calm and we’re back on schedule. If I look like I’m glowing this week, it’s because Season of the Witch comes out this Friday! I haven’t experienced Cage on the big screen since his turn as Big Daddy in Kick Ass, so I’m stoked. January releases almost certainly suck, but I love Cage and the Black Death so look for my review on Friday!

The majority of the news this week concerns Season of the Witch, but being a Cage bloodhound I managed to find some other nuggets, including the streaming of a forgotten Cage gem on Netflix. Let’s do this damn thing.

AP Talks Season of the Witch With Cage; His Horse’s Name Was Dali

Cage recently sat down with AP and talked about some of his horse training for Season of the Witch. Just like his during his interviews for Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Cage says that he’s been waiting to play this role since he was a boy. First he dreamed of shooting plasma out of his hands now he says he dreamed of being a knight. I kid, I bet he did.

Cage makes it point to say that his horse on Season of the Witch was named Dali, like Salvador. Because when he first said it I thought “Dolly” which is the name of his right testicle. Only hardcore fans know that.

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CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Take off your shoes and step into the Cage. We’re coming at you a couple days late this week. Partly because of the holidays, partly because I had a large writing order to fill for another site. In all honesty, I had a debilitating stomach virus Tuesday-Wednesday that had me living in a bathroom and surviving off of saltines. It was most heinous. But we’re back with the final Cage Match before 2011. Thank you for taking this trip with us, you swine.

I wish there was more news to spill into your laps this week, dear readers. But after his outburst in Bucharest, it seems Cage is laying low and keeping his real life activities limited to buying Marvel action figures. Wait…that’s awesome! Let’s go!

Cage Scoops Up Some Marvel Figures in Weston

On Monday, The Weston Mercury reported that Nic took advantage of those sweet after-Christmas sales by picking up some Marvel action figures at Lloyds Toys and Models. Man, that image in my head is so so awesome. I bet they’re not even for his son, aptly named Weston. He probably won’t even let Weston look at them.

Cage was also seen shopping at a couple cell phone stores. But I know what that’s all about. You hit a certain age and you have to balance out action figure purchases with “adult” purchases. For every R2D2 I buy I balance it out with a shower curtain or bird seed. I hear ya, Cage.

The above picture is from when Cage lit the Christmas lights in Bath. I just really like it.

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CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Welcome back, carnivores of taste, to another edition of Cage Match, the only weekly column in the universe completely dedicated to Nicolas Cage. In last week’s exciting episode, we were visited by Mr. Cage’s brother, Christopher Coppola. We were honored to have Mr. Coppola, aka the DigiVangelist, who visited our comments section and turned out to be even cooler than he looks in his pictures. That was definitely a watershed moment in my fandom.

But let’s stay grounded and get back to the task at hand: reporting awesome Nic Cage related shit. The biggest nugget dropped yesterday when a video hit the net of Cage exhibiting some real-life Cage Rage outside of a nightclub in Bucharest. I’ve heard people yell some pretty wild shit when they get furious, but Cage takes it to another level. He could have been a speech writer for the Ultimate Warrior. There’s some more Season of the Witch clips, the lowdown on a confirmed new role, and tax drama, Cage-style!

Real Life Cage Rage Outside of a Bucharest Nightclub

If you thought his on-screen insanity was impressive, you should see how Cage throws down in real life. He’s in Romania finishing up photography on Ghostrider 2 and a couple days ago he verbally bitch slapped a man outside of a Bucharest nightclub. By “bitch slap” I mean he went on a tirade and yelled things like:

“You know it! So do not try to escape! Otherwise, you kill me? F**k you! I die in honor! I could die right now! Want to hit me?”

“Look in my eyes! I’m not a liar! That man is a liar!”

“Get in the car! I’ll die in the name of honor!”

…and people say chivalry is dead. No reports yet on what set Cage off but the guy probably deserved it. Now, will some computer savvy individual please re-edit the classic Cage Rage video to include this song. (via FilmDrunk)

Mo’ Cage news after the break!

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CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Welcome back to the Cage Match, Omega Level’s weekly column on the actor who owes $6 million in taxes and is somehow not in prison: Nicolas Cage. Anticipation for the grossly delayed Season of the Witch is building and as we draw closer to its January release date a slew of new stills and BTS pics have been released. There’s even a new clip featuring lots of CGI wolves! Speaking of those taxes, our man is getting in even more legal trouble in L.A. We’ll take a look at those court documents as well as ALL of Cage’s homes – all 15 of them! James Franco – who Cage directed in Sonny – appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio and had some (homo) juice on Cage. Oh, and, Cage’s brother Christopher has been taken on a terrible “alias.” More on that later. Now, what about those wolves?

Mo’ Swords, Mo’ Wolves

It looks like Season of the Witch (January 7, 2011) will be light on Cage insanity we all love but will be entertaining overall. IMDB has an exclusive clip (which is un-embeddable) that has some cheesy looking CGI wolves attacking the carriage escorting the witch. I think. The brains at IMDB have entitled the clip “Wolves.” Nice one, guys.

On the hunt for more Witch? The folks at FearNet have a gallery of over 40 stills and behind the scenes photos. It looks like Dominic Sena and his crew got the Medieval vibe down!

Poor, Poor Nic Cage

Yesterday, Cage pleaded before the court in L.A., asking that his “high powered” business managers be banned from speaking with Nevada State Bank. NSB is suing Cage over a house he once owned in Nevada that went into foreclosure. He owes them around $2.5 million. His business managers are being asked by NSB to appear before a deposition early next month. Cage addressed the L.A. court, stating his “private financial and business records, confidential tax returns, confidential communications with tax authorities and documents” should be protected by attorney-client privilege. (via Radar)

I’m just a simple boy from small-town New Jersey, so the world of high powered L.A. lawyers is like Narnia to me. Not to play obsessed super-fan, but I imagine they make Cage miserable. He’s more concerned with family, comic books, and being the man (see picture above) than with legal BS. Keep your head up, tiger!

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