CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Welcome back to the Cage Match, Omega Level’s weekly column on the actor who owes $6 million in taxes and is somehow not in prison: Nicolas Cage. Anticipation for the grossly delayed Season of the Witch is building and as we draw closer to its January release date a slew of new stills and BTS pics have been released. There’s even a new clip featuring lots of CGI wolves! Speaking of those taxes, our man is getting in even more legal trouble in L.A. We’ll take a look at those court documents as well as ALL of Cage’s homes – all 15 of them! James Franco – who Cage directed in Sonny – appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio and had some (homo) juice on Cage. Oh, and, Cage’s brother Christopher has been taken on a terrible “alias.” More on that later. Now, what about those wolves?

Mo’ Swords, Mo’ Wolves

It looks like Season of the Witch (January 7, 2011) will be light on Cage insanity we all love but will be entertaining overall. IMDB has an exclusive clip (which is un-embeddable) that has some cheesy looking CGI wolves attacking the carriage escorting the witch. I think. The brains at IMDB have entitled the clip “Wolves.” Nice one, guys.

On the hunt for more Witch? The folks at FearNet have a gallery of over 40 stills and behind the scenes photos. It looks like Dominic Sena and his crew got the Medieval vibe down!

Poor, Poor Nic Cage

Yesterday, Cage pleaded before the court in L.A., asking that his “high powered” business managers be banned from speaking with Nevada State Bank. NSB is suing Cage over a house he once owned in Nevada that went into foreclosure. He owes them around $2.5 million. His business managers are being asked by NSB to appear before a deposition early next month. Cage addressed the L.A. court, stating his “private financial and business records, confidential tax returns, confidential communications with tax authorities and documents” should be protected by attorney-client privilege. (via Radar)

I’m just a simple boy from small-town New Jersey, so the world of high powered L.A. lawyers is like Narnia to me. Not to play obsessed super-fan, but I imagine they make Cage miserable. He’s more concerned with family, comic books, and being the man (see picture above) than with legal BS. Keep your head up, tiger!

Nic Cage Is Humble When It Comes to Real Estate

NBC’s crummy blog has a gallery of all 15 of Cage’s homes. It’s titled “One-Man Real Estate Bubble.” Sounds complimentary, no? I’ve never seen most of his homes, so it’s actually an informative gallery if you’re a psychopath too.

Nic Cage and James Franco Conducted “Research” At Male Strip Clubs

2002’s Sonny was Cage’s directorial debut and featured James Franco and Mena Suvari (haha, remember her?). Franco played a male whore and since their both method as hell, him and Cage hung out in male strip clubs. Y’know, just two dudes hanging out, throwing back a few Buds, and taking in a show. No big whoop. This just reminds me that I need to see Sonny.

Something Something Something Nic Cage’s Brother

Cage’s brother Chris directed him in the hilarious caper Deadfall. It’s Cage’s second most insane performance – Vampire’s Kiss is forever #1 – and other than that I know nothing about this mysterious, cat-bearing figure. The DailyBreeze reports that Chris has a show called “The DigiVangelist” in which he talks about making “a low-budget independent film using digital equipment.” The (awful) name of the show, which appears on the ReelzChannel, comes from Chris’s nickname. He was knighted the DigiVangelist by BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin, where Chris once guest blogged.

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to mention this but that picture of Chris is amazing.