CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Welcome to the first Cage Match of 2011, dear readers. Last week we posted two days late due to the holidays and stomach flu, but the tides of Nicolas are now calm and we’re back on schedule. If I look like I’m glowing this week, it’s because Season of the Witch comes out this Friday! I haven’t experienced Cage on the big screen since his turn as Big Daddy in Kick Ass, so I’m stoked. January releases almost certainly suck, but I love Cage and the Black Death so look for my review on Friday!

The majority of the news this week concerns Season of the Witch, but being a Cage bloodhound I managed to find some other nuggets, including the streaming of a forgotten Cage gem on Netflix. Let’s do this damn thing.

AP Talks Season of the Witch With Cage; His Horse’s Name Was Dali

Cage recently sat down with AP and talked about some of his horse training for Season of the Witch. Just like his during his interviews for Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Cage says that he’s been waiting to play this role since he was a boy. First he dreamed of shooting plasma out of his hands now he says he dreamed of being a knight. I kid, I bet he did.

Cage makes it point to say that his horse on Season of the Witch was named Dali, like Salvador. Because when he first said it I thought “Dolly” which is the name of his right testicle. Only hardcore fans know that.

It’s “Nic Cage Week” Over at Moviefone

Moviefone has deemed this week to be “Nic Cage Week!” Sounds good to me. To celebrate, they’re publishing one article a day concerning Cage. Once a day? Kind of weak. They kicked off on Monday with 47 Facts About Nic Cage. Here are some of the highlights:

10. A proponent of Method acting, Cage had two of his teeth surgically removed for his role in 1984’s ‘Birdy.’

12. Jim Carrey, who had a small role in ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ as one of Cage’s high-school pals, has been quoted as saying that Cage has “elephant balls.”

15. (Patricia) Arquette (his first wife) decided to test his dedication by giving him a list of seemingly impossible tasks that he’d need to perform before she’d say yes. One of them included procuring the autograph of notoriously reclusive author J.D. Salinger — which Cage improbably managed to do.

All of the Cage features they’re running this week are pretty weak, but today there’s a Q+A i will be checking out. Not sure if it’s a live thing where people can write in questions, but I hope so.

Nic Cage in Black Face Now on Netflix Watch Instantly

Now available on Netflix Watching Instantly is the 1993 comedy Amos and Andrew, starring Cage and Samuel L. Jackson. Cage plays Amos, a convict used by the police to cover up a massive racist mistake. Instead of rehashing the whole plot to you, I’ll just let “Suburbian Nightmare,” the original song by Sir Mix a Lot, do the talking…

There’s been more in the news about Cage’s financial woes, but I’m getting bored recapping them so I won’t. Let’s just move on. Let’s just get our goddamn ticket and move on!