Real-Life Superhero Beats Ass In Seattle. Seriously. [Video.]

Oh real-life, you are so awesome sometimes. Also us nerds, we’re pretty much awesome all the time. In a variety of ways: really awesome, ironically awesome, pathetically awesome. This is a case of all of the above. There’s an actual superhero in Seattle. His name is Phoenix Jones. He changes in the back of a comic book shop. This is all true. And last Sunday in Lynwood, Washington, Jones thwarted a carjacker.

This is tremendous.

A real-life deranged dude who is something out of Kick-Ass is taking crime into his own hands. A tip of the cap to you, Mr. Jones. When you’re fatally shot and bleeding out in the middle of a street after trying to stop a robber from escaping from a convenience store, I will be the first to begin writing your effusive eulogy.

Hit the jump for Jones in action.