Watch: This animated tribute to NASA’s Voyager Program is all the feels

Space Swoon: NASA’s Juno spacecraft nearly at Jupiter


I didn’t know about NASA’s spacecraft, Juno. Or that it was damn close to Jupiter. But now I’m aware of both factoids, and eagerly excited.

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Ancient Mars was even more Earth-Like than we thought


Mars! The Red Planet! Ares! We’ve known that back in the day, the son of a bitch was similar to Earth. But as we learn more about the planet, it keeps turning out that it was more Earth-Like than imagined. Pretty cool.

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Space Swoon: Full Moon as seen from the International Space Station

Watch: NASA’s time-lapse of Mercury’s transit across the Sun

Space Swoon: NASA releases new “Earthrise” photo from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Space Swoon: On Pluto, Y Marks The Spot

Space Swoon: The Hubble Glimpses the Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy

Space Swoon: Hubble finds a stellar fingerprint

Man. Hubble straight up finds all the space-glory, no? Or, at the very least, comma splice, a good amount of it, comma splice, right, question mark.

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Space Swoon: Flying Through An Aurora’s Green Fog