Space Swoon: Pluto trips the Light Fantastic

Space Swoon: The Ophir Chasma of Mars!

Space Swoon: Enceladus is a moon divided (by different hemispheres)

A tale of two

True story: I can’t spell Enceladus. I just cut and paste. Enceladus. Just cut and pasted that. Enceladus. And again! But I can appreciate this image of Enceladus (C+P), courtesy of Cassini.

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Space Swoon: The Most Complete Picture of the futzing Milky Way Galaxy ever taken

Space Swoon: Behold Pluto’s Blue Sky

NASA: Present-day Mars shows strong evidence of flowing water


We got water! On Mars! Buckle me the fuck up and send me to the TerraDome. I’m ready to help colonize Mars. Seriously though, how futzing radical is this revelation? I’ll tell you: completely futzing radical.

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Watch: Another Pluto flyby courtesy of NASA and New Horizons

Hey! It’s another goddamn glorious flyby of Pluto, courtesy of the SpaceCzars at NASA and the New Horizons spacecraft.

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Saturn’s Moon Enceladus is covered in a futzing Global Ocean


Saturn’s moon got some water! Oh man, does it ever have some water. Like, an entire goddamn global ocean, beneath the surface. This is really goddamn staggering and glorious. All I have beneath the surface is anxiety and perhaps a slow rolling ride of perpetual depression. Go Enceladus!

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Space Swoon: Hubble sees the Galactic Sunflower (Galaxy)

Space Swoon: The International Space Station Passes By The Sun