NASA “successfully” tests “physics-defying” EM drive

EM Drive.

Thanks to our own The Dude for sharing this! I meant to talk about it earlier, but you know, busy fucking life. Apparently NASA ASTRO-WIZARDS have successfully tested a “physics-defying” EM drive. Which, ideally, means I’ll be fucking sun-tanning on Mars on my one-year wedding anniversary next year. I’m reading this news right, right?

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NASA’s Mars Rover captures stunning “Marathon Valley”

goddamn goreuzs!!

No big whup. Just a goddamn glorious view of the Red Planet.

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NASA: Mars was once totally home to a giant friggin’ ocean


NASA loves teasing us with news of how our Red Brother used to be. The Astronomical Gurus have revealed that Ares once had an ocean that may have covered nearly half of its northern hemisphere.

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Elon Musk wants to build the Internet for space

Elon Musk ain’t just launching satellites into space to cloak the Blue Marble in the Internet. Motherfucker is thinking larger. Like building the goddamn space Internet. For Mars. And probably Europa.

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Classic space image “Pillars of Creation” gets gorgeous new HD photo

Pillars of Creation

NASA has released a new image of the fucking PILLARS OF CREATION. You know the fucking photo. You do. And now you can know it in like, totally tits-berry better quality. Tits-berry.

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Space Swoon: Behold the Frosty Slopes of Mars

Frosty Slopes!

Check it out, bruh! And bruhdette! It’s the fucking frosted slopes of Mars. Yeah, man. Totally wizard rager time at the ski slopes on the Red Planet! Winter break! Winter break a leg rushing to the local Space-Port, and book your ticket to the dopest ski resort in the solar system. OhwhatthefuckamIsaying? Let NASA explain it better.

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Mars’ Gale Crater once had a longstanding massive lake

Gale Crater

Fuck! Get me the time-machine-space-ship! We’re going to the goddamn Red Planet to bathe in Gale Crater. Fuck practicality and “scientific limitations.” I’m going there and you can’t stop me. So grab your swim trunks, your handy guide for Colonizing Planets, and protein bars. You might as well join me.

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NASA’s Orion launch is a f**king success. Behold America’s new space-craft.


NASA’s Orion spacecraft is a pretty big fucking component of their drive towards Mars. So glory, glory, glory be to The Force that its launch went fucking perfectly perfect today.

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Space Swoon: The Milky Way Galaxy over the Devil’s Tower

Devil's Tower.

Fuck, yo. If nature ain’t a real fucking gorgeous son of a gun. And goddamn if it doesn’t chap my ass that I can’t get out to places with the necessary lighting to peep me a look at the Milky Way Galaxy. It seems that luckier, more talented people will have to continue to bring me looks.

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Hubble catches Jupiter straight mean muggin’

Jupiter straight muggin'

Goddamn Jupiter. It’s just straight mean muggin’ us in this picture. I suppose you can’t blame it. Not only is it GIANT AS FUCK (1,000 Earths could fit inside), but it also serves as the bulwark for this Blue Marble. Making sure errant bullshit don’t relentlessly smash into us. So go ahead, Jupiter. Mean mug.

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