SPACE GET! – SpaceX and Boeing are now NASA’s space taxis to the ISS


Fuck to the yes! NASA has announced that human spaceflight is once again going to be rocking and rolling out of the United States. To the skies! To the rocks! To the stars! Once more. With some help from some friends. And the non-mysterious benefactors that will be aiding them courtesy of fuckin’ lucrative contracts are SpaceX and Boeing.

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Science-Wizards find water clouds outside the solar system for first time


Chalk this up as one of the many, many things I did not know about in this Universe. Apparently water clouds are rare as fuck on planets.  Even within our solar system. But Astronomer-Shaman have found some outside the solar system. For the first time!

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This image of the Lagoon Nebula is a whirlwind of glory

goddamn lagoon nebula!

Behold! The goddamn Lagoon Nebula! Okay, okay. It’s behind the cut. But whatever. It’s here, lurking. And would you know, that Nebula ain’t fucking around. At the center of it are two goddamn funnel clouds, each half a light-year long. Which is impressive to me, but probably not to the Universe. ‘Cause the Universe is big. #PostPadding #Obviousness

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NASA intends to make oxygen from CO2 on Mars’ surface

Mars. Let's get the fuck there. Now.

Science-science-science-fiction up in this real (real?) world! NASA is strapping a fucking shitload of stuff onto their Mars 2020 rover. And one of them gadgets is MOXIE — a sumbitch’ that is intended to make oxygen from the CO2 is finds on the surface. Boom! Pow! Reality!

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This is the first image of the Moon by a U.S. spacecraft. Neato.

it's the goddamn moon!

This is the “first picture taken of the moon” by U.S. spacecraft. “First.” If you believe that, I got a fucking bridge to sell you. I have it on good authority that the U.S. has had a base on the Dark Side of the Moon since Teddy Roosevelt’s first administration. Studying the Martians. Preparing. Always preparing.

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NASA: Testing laser-powered drill to explore Jupiter’s moon, Europa

Europa, wut wut

How the fuck we going to explore Jupiter’s moon, Europa? Eh! It’s iced out as fuck! NASA got itself an idea of how to go about doing it, and it’s begun testing this idea. A fucking laser-powered drill.

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SPECULATION: One of Pluto’s Moons (Charon) could have water

Pluto + Charon.

Hey man, in a world where our empirical data is constantly challenged, isn’t like *bong rip* everything just speculation, mannn? But yeah. NASA Astronomer Wizards are wondering if there is water on one of Pluto’s moons. Which would be neat. It’d be one more resource the slap-ass dummies who run the world couldn’t get together to harvest. Ah man *bong rip* I gotta keep that PMA.

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Wut: Massive “OCEAN” discovered towards Earth’s core.


Somewhat fittingly, Bateman and I were recently discussing how the Earth was first populated with water. In a state of inebriation, and probable complete incorrectness, I recalled a theory that the Earth was continuously pelted with comets from the Oort Cloud Kupier Belt. Even if I was recounting the theory correctly (and I’m sure I probably wasn’t), a new challenger to that probably-wrong theory has entered the arena!

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Watch: Hubble captures STAR EXPLOSION in four-year time-lapse video



Behold the Universe! Regenerating itself! This four-year time lapse video from Hubble shows a pretty killer star explosion. Reminding us that we ain’t show, but that’s okay because we’re part of something rocking.

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Sun moodily issued forth GIANT SOLAR FLARES this morning

Solar Flares and shit

Sun’s all like. Bro. Your dumb shit blog is dominated by the Electronic Entertainment Expo news. Dumb shit blog. Dumb event. You want news, bro? *Clenches Sun Abdomen and uncorks giant Sun Fart aka Solar Flare* There’s your news.

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