Hubble catches Jupiter straight mean muggin’

Jupiter straight muggin'

Goddamn Jupiter. It’s just straight mean muggin’ us in this picture. I suppose you can’t blame it. Not only is it GIANT AS FUCK (1,000 Earths could fit inside), but it also serves as the bulwark for this Blue Marble. Making sure errant bullshit don’t relentlessly smash into us. So go ahead, Jupiter. Mean mug.

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The Cocoon Nebula wraps you in its warm embrace


BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING COCOON! LOL!?~? Get it? Ah, whatever. Here is Phil Plait explaining what’s going down in this wonderful fucking picture.

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NASA thinking about deep-sleep option for Mars crew


Goddamn! Sign me the fuck for going to Bradbury’s Bastion. Apparently NASA is thinking about a deep-sleep option for the crew heading to Mars. Which frankly is probably nothing. ‘Cause like I’m sure they’re thinking about a lot of options. But still. I’m going to pretend it’s happening. Always wanted to be on that cryo-sleep tip.

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This Dusty Spiral Galaxy just chillin’ in Virgo

Dusty Spiral!

This goddamn dusty spiral galaxy is gorgeous! A veritable fucking chilling ground for stars. Either being born, or just livin’ out the middle of their lives. You know. Sipping space margaritas. Talking about the good old days.

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Space Porn: The Milky Way as viewed from the International Space Station


I say goddamn! If we can’t get up into them there Inter-national Space-Stations, at least they are doing us some solids. Sending back gorgeous pictures like this one. The Milky Way Galaxy straight bulgin’, the cosmos waving hello.

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NASA’s new Mars-Orbiter, MAVEN, is officially in orbit


Around the Red Planet, the secret Steve Jobs and Richard Nixon-led Illuminati are scrambling. Trying to cover up their Pyramids and Installations with optical camouflage. You see those pesky NASA folks have gotten themselves a new Mars-Orbiter set to gather data on Ares. This is dope for us. Not so much for the Illuminati.

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SPACE GET! – SpaceX and Boeing are now NASA’s space taxis to the ISS


Fuck to the yes! NASA has announced that human spaceflight is once again going to be rocking and rolling out of the United States. To the skies! To the rocks! To the stars! Once more. With some help from some friends. And the non-mysterious benefactors that will be aiding them courtesy of fuckin’ lucrative contracts are SpaceX and Boeing.

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Science-Wizards find water clouds outside the solar system for first time


Chalk this up as one of the many, many things I did not know about in this Universe. Apparently water clouds are rare as fuck on planets.  Even within our solar system. But Astronomer-Shaman have found some outside the solar system. For the first time!

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This image of the Lagoon Nebula is a whirlwind of glory

goddamn lagoon nebula!

Behold! The goddamn Lagoon Nebula! Okay, okay. It’s behind the cut. But whatever. It’s here, lurking. And would you know, that Nebula ain’t fucking around. At the center of it are two goddamn funnel clouds, each half a light-year long. Which is impressive to me, but probably not to the Universe. ‘Cause the Universe is big. #PostPadding #Obviousness

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NASA intends to make oxygen from CO2 on Mars’ surface

Mars. Let's get the fuck there. Now.

Science-science-science-fiction up in this real (real?) world! NASA is strapping a fucking shitload of stuff onto their Mars 2020 rover. And one of them gadgets is MOXIE — a sumbitch’ that is intended to make oxygen from the CO2 is finds on the surface. Boom! Pow! Reality!

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