Space Swoon: Hubble catches merging galaxies in Eridanus

Just a couple of galaxies, way out in Eridanus. Merging. Forming another, larger galaxy. The Galaxy With Two Backs. You know, shitty space-fucking joke for the LCDs in the cheap seats.

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Space Swoon: Massive galaxy is sporting a super-hungry black hole

Space Swoon: Cassini captures three of Saturn’s moons (barely)

Three Moons

Cassini doing work, capturing three of Saturn’s moons. One of them? Straight creepin’ in the photo.

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Space Swoon: Martian Landslide is perfect for that Bouldering Life

Martian Landslide

The first of the year is rapidly approaching. That means that many people are going to pray to Those That Don’t Exist (or not) for the resolve to Shed Mass and Attain the Body That Won’t Get (myself included). One the many hip ways people are choosing to get slender these days is rock climbing, and Mars is aware of this. It’s got itself a nice landslide full of boulders for you folks. So get climbing!

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Space Swoon: NASA releases gorgeous image of Earth rising over the Moon’s surface

Space Swoon: Saturn’s moon, Titan getting some composite love

Saturn's Moon, Titan.

Here’s a composite of Saturn’s moon, Titan, provided by NASA and its rock and roll Cassini mission.

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Space Swoon: Pluto trips the Light Fantastic

Space Swoon: The Ophir Chasma of Mars!

Space Swoon: Enceladus is a moon divided (by different hemispheres)

A tale of two

True story: I can’t spell Enceladus. I just cut and paste. Enceladus. Just cut and pasted that. Enceladus. And again! But I can appreciate this image of Enceladus (C+P), courtesy of Cassini.

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Space Swoon: The Most Complete Picture of the futzing Milky Way Galaxy ever taken