Cosplay: Tela Vasir from ‘Mass Effect 2′


Give me *all* the Asari cosplay, please.

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Cosplay: ‘Mass Effect 2′ FemShep is space-surfing swank.

SOMETIMES I JUST TYPE HEADLINES AND MAKE THEM WORK. Or not work. I got nothing. Hit the jump for some gorgeous FemShep cosplay by Anais Roberts.

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‘Mass Effect’ Getting Anime In 2012. Pants = Lightspeed!

I’m a total slut for anything Mass Effect. I love me the franchise, in fact it may be my current favorite. I’m doing shit I swore I would never fucking do with a video game series: read the novels and the comic books. Condemn me! So fuck yeah, I’m stoked at the announcement that there’s going to be a Mass Effect anime.

Fuck yeah!

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Mass Effect 2 DLC ‘Arrival’ Is Overpriced Quasi-Transition.

I’m a big honking fucking slut for Mass Effect, its entire franchise, and whatever sort of refuse BioWare will peddle out with its name stamped on it. Admittedly. Since Mass Effect 2 came out, I’ve bought all the DLC, happily wasting my hard earned Imperial credits on throwaway content that should have been a quest on the disc. A quest on the disc that I would have pounded through and sort of bemoaned it. Then Lair of the Shadow Broker dropped, and I was all, “Oh shit! A legit dope quest!” A quest so good that I deemed it better than a good 75% of the material that launched with the title. It set the bar. It set the bar high.

So pretty much, ‘Arrival’ was fucked from the get go. High standards, falling interest!

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Final Mass Effect DLC ‘Arrival’ Drops On March 29.

Oh hell yeah! Mass Effect 2 is getting its final DLC ‘Arrival’ on March 29. This is fucking righteous for two reasons. Firstly, it’s more Mass Effect 2. Secondly, it’s hopefully confirmation that the motherfucking third installment is coming this winter. Hopefully. BioWare promised to bridge Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 through DLC, and it appears they weren’t stunting. The premise of Arrival is that Shepard is “sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion.”

Fucking righteous.

Hit the jump for some teaser screens.

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BioWare Hints At New Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC With Images On Facebook.

Only on Omega Level will you find an asshole blathering gibberish about Mass Effect 2 when a single screenshot hints at not a new game, but more DLC. But that’s what I’m doing. Fuck you! Remember that ME2 DLC, ‘Arrival’ that was hinted at in a patch or whatever? Today BioWare posted a picture on their Facebook with the overt hint, “New Mass Effect 2 screenshots have Arrived.” Hey, I get it, arrived! Like Arrival.

But still. I’m freaking out. I have an unhealthy obsession with the franchise.

Hit the jump for the picture.

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Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC Is Coming Soon! Praise Odin’s Gaping Eye Socket.

Mass Effect 2 was recently patched for the PlayStation 3, and said patch may have tipped BioWare’s upcoming DLC hand. Fuck yes! Want to know more? Hit the jump where the trophy descriptions have some mild spoilers. I’m spanking.

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Mass Effect 2 Pin-Ups Bring Skin, Masculinity, Fappery.

Remember your gender roles, kids! Women are busy being spread-eagle, and sexualized. Men? We walk through fucking fire! That’s what this fan art by Protsenko Pavel teaches us. Just about affirms every gender role we’re used to. The saddest part? I still enjoy it. I am an unprincipled man, full of bullshit.

The artwork itself is sexy.

Hit the jump for space-babes, and totally tough alien dudes.

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Cosplay: Miranda from ‘MASS EFFECT 2′ brings typical horndog glee!

I’ll always have a thing for Yeoman Chambers. Primarily since she is the classic interstellar babe that I cannot get with. Alas. That’s like, you know, every chick on the planet. Or galaxy. Particularly ones that aren’t real. But Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 was a cutie as well, and these cosplay pictures of her are certain both impressive and sexy. Sexily impressive. Impressively sexy.

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Oh Snap! Mass Effect 2 Hitting Playstation 3; Teaser Right Hurr

Well, snap! I figured that when EA gobbled up BioWare, they’d be porting a cash cow like the Mass Effect series onto multiple consoles. But! But then Mass Effect 2 came and went on the 360 and nothin’ happened. Well, such sentiments were portentous, just took a bit longer than I expected. January, 2011, Mass Effect 2 comes to the fuggin’ Playstation 3.


During the EA press conference at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, BioWare’s Dr. Ray revealed that the second game in the Mass Effect series would hit the PlayStation 3 in January.

Is there anything else to say? It’s Mass Effect, and it’s coming to the PlayStation 3. Let’s hear us some cheers, PlayStation 3 owners!

UPDATE: The official press release for the PS3 edition includes the line: “The PlayStation 3 edition will include the full Mass Effect 2 game and hours of bonus content.” We’ve asked an EA spokesperson for clarification about whether that refers to new gameplay sequences or what.

Good news for all my scrub friends who only own a PS3. However, this shit could be bad fucking news for my wallet, if the PS3-port comes with anything resembling new content. Son of a fucking bitch! If there’s even a single new scenario, my fanboy ass is going to have to double-dip. Which means, they know that there are people like me out there, and it will in fact include marginal new content to rope me in.

Fuck. Hit the jump for the Playstation 3 teaser.

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