‘Mass Effect’ Getting Anime In 2012. Pants = Lightspeed!

I’m a total slut for anything Mass Effect. I love me the franchise, in fact it may be my current favorite. I’m doing shit I swore I would never fucking do with a video game series: read the novels and the comic books. Condemn me! So fuck yeah, I’m stoked at the announcement that there’s going to be a Mass Effect anime.

Fuck yeah!


The Mass Effect universe will expand with a direct-to-video anime film in the summer of 2012. The film will be co-produced by Japanese animation house T.O. Entertainment, and FUNimation Entertainment — the same company that hooked up with EA for the Dragon Age anime (due sometime this year). BioWare’s sci-fi series joins Halo and Dante’s Inferno in the very specific category of western-developed games that provide the basis for anime adaptations.

This movie represents another drop in the Mass Effect transmedia bucket, which currently contains several novels, comics and plans for a Hollywood venture. There’s no word yet on the plot — or how, exactly, Shepard will be drawn this time.

Oh hells yes! This will also push me into another new realm: watching fucking anime based off of a Western franchise. Can’t help it. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.