Cosplay: Commander Shepard got that Reaper lurkin’

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Trailer: 4-Player Co-op Mode GET!

dragon age 3 - inquisition

Somehow I keep forgetting that there is a new Dragon Age game dropping this November.  It’s probably because my brain is soaked in anti-psychotics and aspartame. Anyways said Dragon Age game is getting a 4-player co-op mode, and BioWare has dropped a trailer focusing on it.

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‘MASS EFFECT 4’ features NO SHEPARD. Will still feel like ‘MASS EFFECT.’

Mass Effect.

Despite the ending. I miss Mass Effect. I miss the fucking Citadel. I miss biotics. I miss the Universe. A lot. So Jesus Christ BioWare, give me something to get a Mass Erection over.

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THE GANG OMEGA’S PICKS OF 2012: The Dude Edition

Caff-Note: The Dude didn’t write an introduction, so just imagine him shouting these from a mountaintop, whilst brandishing lightning bolts and delicious esoteria. Also, props to The Dude for week after week of High 5s this year. Gods bless.

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Next ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ DLC has all the creators back together. Or something.

Yeah, I bought Mass Effect 3: Omega. No, it wasn’t worth the fifteen dollars. Though, it was enjoyable. So fuck yes you bet your bottom dollar that I won’t learn my lesson when the next piece of ME DLC drops.

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Casey Hudson: Should next ‘MASS EFFECT’ take place BEFORE or AFTER Shepard’s mission?

BioWare’s Lead Satisfied With Himself Director Casey Hudson recently asked if we, the fans, would prefer the next installment of Mass Effect to take place before or after the Shepard Saga. Bro, here’s a fucking option: have some conviction about something. Holy shit. Between polling for Dragon Age 3, changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 (it sucked, but you caving sucks more) and now this, I’m flummoxed. Does the dude have any inspiration? Or is he and the rest of BioWare running around trying to jerk off every fan? I mean, Jesus Christ. I thought the thirteen different play styles they stuffed into ME3 was indicative of them losing their creative way, but this poll is ridiculous to me. Make an excellent piece of software, and leave it to us monkey-minded proles to decide if we like it. Craft a narrative that you find engaging, and then leave it up to us to either agree or disagree with your vision.

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Cosplay: EDI from ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ is robotic erotica. Yes, yes, yes.

‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Leviathan DLC is dropping August 28. We…care?

Mass Effect 3 is finally getting some DLC that isn’t promising to fix the ending. Those lasses and lads at BioWare really through themselves off their schedule when they decided to shit directly into the game code after about thirty hours of fun. They’ve finally doubled back around though, and are ready to release some new content.

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Rumor ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ DLC To Revolve Around Rogue Reaper Named Leviathan. Whatevs.

The Mass Effect 3: Unfucked Ending Edition was pretty fucking disappointing. I didn’t expect much, and that’s exactly what I was given. Now that the ending to one of my favorite franchises has been left indubitably awash in a sea of rotting ass, I’m not so certain I’m excited for any sort of DLC. Yet I’ll buy it. Of course I will.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ EXTENDED CUT DLC Attempts To Unfuck The Game’s Ending This Tuesday

That whole Mass Effect 3: Unfucked Ending Edition is dropping this Tuesday. Oh boy. I’m just beginning to let the franchise and its abysmal ending fade into the cursed halls of repression in my psyche, and now they offer this up.

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