Remedy Is Announcing New Game Soon. Please, New ‘Alan Wake’

remedy new game

Remedy is about to announced a new game, according to their Lead Czar. If there is any justice (for me, selfish me!), it’ll be a proper sequel to Alan Wake. #MakeAlanWakeAgain. I know, I know, I know they’ve said it isn’t going to be Alan Wake 2. Whatever. Whatever!

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‘Alan Wake’ may be ported to XB1. Sequel may happen, maybe on PS4

Alan Wake.

Alan Wake was bomb.com. Unfortunately, not enough people thought so. And it sold like shit. Sold like shit to the point that even though Remedy pitched a sequel to various developers, they were all like no. But maybe it’ll happen! Just like an Alan Wake port to the XB1.

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‘ALAN WAKE’ Developers Hiring For Next-Gen Project. Video Game-Lit Swoon!

I love me some Alan Wake. Due to this love, I was pretty excited when the XBLA joint Alan Wake: American Nightmare  dropped last month. It wasn’t a full-on sequel, but it appeased the glands. The juicy Wake glands. Temporarily. Now that there’s news that the developers behind this series are hiring for some next-gen shiz, I’m the excite. Could it be? A real sequel?

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‘Alan Wake’ For The PC Recoups Dev and Marketing Costs In Two Days. Hell Yeah.

I love me some Alan Wake, and I’m terribly stoked that new content is dropping tomorrow on Xbox Live in the form of  Alan Wake: American Nightmare. However, what I really, really, really fucking want is a proper sequel. I don’t know if we’ll get one, but Wake’s reception on the PC could be helping my cause.

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