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Idris Elba is (obviously) the first man on a Maxim magazine cover


I don’t fuck with Maxim at all. I mean, even this fucking cover. “Man up”? Yuck. But I totally do fuck with Idris Elba. So I’m posting this fecaltainment news despite my better judgment.

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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper has passed away at age 61.


Was at the movies when my phone began blowing up from fellow wrestling fanatics, letting me know one of our heroes has passed away. Fucking Roddy Piper. Between wrestling, They Live, and his Always Sunny appearances, the good sir managed to pry his way into my heart through multiple pop culture avenues.

What’s your favorite memory of Piper? Share videos! Share images! Just share.

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Watch: ‘Ant-Man’ trailer gets Sweded

Watch: Russian dashcam catches Furry Road Rage straight out of ‘Saints Row: The Third’

McDonald’s may be getting All-Day Breakfast menu. Praise the Lard Gods! Old and New!


Well, ain’t this fortuitous. I’m going to be moving to a house with a McDonald’s smack dab in the middle of the route home. And now said McDonald’s is going to be peddling my fat ass hash browns all goddamn day.

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Bill Simmons is getting his own HBO show


Bill Simmons has given the pop culture landscape a lot. I admit that, acknowledge it. And move on from it. ‘Cause he’s also the maestro of bloviating, crappy pop culture references, and other nonsense. So I don’t really give a fuck about him moving to HBO on a personal level, but it’s interesting as far as Pop Culture Developments go.

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‘Age of Ultron’ x ‘Wizard of Oz’ = The Cowardly Odinson

Watch: ‘Always Sunny’ x ‘Batman v Superman’ = ‘DayMan V NightMan: Dawn of Troll Toll’

Watch: C-3PO and R2-D2 throw down in 1979 ‘All Japan Pro Wrestling’ match

‘Fight Club’ Rock Opera coming courtesy of Julie Taymor, David Fincher, and Trent Reznor


What the fuck is going on.

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