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Gold Medalist hits her coach with John Cena’s Finisher to celebrate her victory

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Yo. If there were more AA’s being doled out at the Olympics, I would totally step up my viewing of the garrulous display of nationalism, excess, and athletics.

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Watch: George Lucas and ‘Star Wars’ characters in Japanese Panasonic TV commercials from 1987

Happy Monday! Oh, Happy Monday indeed. Here is George Lucas and his cadre of Star Wars characters starring in six television commercials for Panasonic TVs from Japan in 1987.

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Watch: Alex Jones screaming “NEVER” for an hour; will melt the Fluoride in your Synapses

Oh man. Alex Jones is part irresistible cartoon character, part dangerous hatemonger, part lie-assassin Info Warrior. He’s getting uh, really unstable this election cycle, and seems to be giving the MemeLords gifts on the weekly. The latest? Just a fucking loop of him screaming “NEVER”, to challenge your sanity, and time, and space. While I would have preferred the talented creator of this to have looped one of Jones’ inexplicable, haunting emotional breakdowns where he begins crying and screaming, I’ll settle for this.

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Watch: Scott Pilgrim x The Dark Knight is ‘Bruce Wayne Vs. The World’

Yelp now letting you sort restaurants by nearby Pokéstops

the future

Yelp senses a fucking phenomenon. Yelp has seized this fucking phenomenon, adding an ability to sort restaurants by Pokéstops.

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Watch: ‘Deadpool’s Day Off’ is ‘Ferris Bueller’ mashed-up with the Merc With The Mouth

Watch: Batista teaches Chris Pratt how to do a power bomb; Batista Bombing the Galaxy!

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I want to marry Pratt so badly, but I think I have like, at most, a 35% chance. I mean, it’s not because I’m worried, or I wouldn’t get my wife’s blessing. It’s just that he doesn’t return my telegrams, or Instagram messages, or psychic gonad mutterings.

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Watch: An Adult VR Festival is coming to Japan

pornographic contentr

There’s an adult VR festival coming to Japan. It’s looking to pair up, uh, pioneers in the world of VR. You know, getting the great and most enterprising minds in teledildonics, virtual reality, and sundry other facets together. Not just to wank with their headsets on, in unison, mind you. Though I must confess I hope that happens. But also to innovate! To brainstorm!

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Dallas Construction Sign hacked to say ‘Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard’

lizard folk

Hack the fucking planet! Reveal the Illuminati! The villainous Bilderberg Group! And most importantly, the Reptilian Overlords guiding our every though!

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Hackers stole $12.7 million in just two hours from Japanese ATMs


Hack the planet! Or at least the ATM machines. Good grief, that’s a lot of money to gank in such a short amount of time. Or at least it is to me. You know, the headline screamed “this is a big deal” so like a sucker I nod my head. Mmm. Mmm. This is a big deal.

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