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Hackers stole $12.7 million in just two hours from Japanese ATMs


Hack the planet! Or at least the ATM machines. Good grief, that’s a lot of money to gank in such a short amount of time. Or at least it is to me. You know, the headline screamed “this is a big deal” so like a sucker I nod my head. Mmm. Mmm. This is a big deal.

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Watch/Listen: ‘Fallout 4′ Prank Call has Preston seeking help…with Settlements

Fucking Preston Garvey.

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Netflix has sent me a Very Important Email regarding ‘Daredevil’

This woman needs medical attention, someone please

Attn: Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” is a very good song that you should listen to

This is a very good song.

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Watch: X-Men must stop Donald Trump in ‘Trump: Apocalypse’

This. This is so good. And well made.

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Watch: Deadpool explains why he won’t host ‘SNL’, spoofs Kanye’s Rant

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool aren’t going anywhere, despite the fact (or perhaps due to the fact) that the movie is already released, and making absurd amounts of ducats. The actor-character-actor-metameta has responded to an online petition asking the character-actor-character-metameta to host SNL, spoofing Kanye’s epic rant from last week.

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Watch: ‘Super Mario Kart’ with 101 players

Last…Last place is way far back when you’re playing Super Mario Kart with 101 players.

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Watch: Snoop Dogg is very unhappy with Xbox’s servers, and Bill Gates

Watch: Macho Man x ‘Fallout 4′ = Macho Claws, a Deathclaw’s superior