Luke Cage Soundtrack is getting a gorgeous Vinyl release

luke cage soundtrack vinyl

I like a lot of shit about Netflix’s Luke Cage, and the fantastic soundtrack is one component of said shit. Well, I can’t be in the fucking minority, either. ‘Cause Netflix is releasing the banging soundtrack on gorgeous ass vinyl. Now, I don’t have a record player. But if I did, I would briefly consider buying this shit, before realizing I am too cheap.

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Original ‘Star Wars’ Soundtrack getting gorgeous Vinyl Reissue

star wars vinyl!

File this one under what *really* should be a category around here, given the frequency with which I reference it: reasons Ian should have a record player.

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Watch/Listen: Captain America’s Theme gets Heavy Metal Remix

‘Green Room’ Red Band Trailer: Punk Band versus Nazi Patrick Stewart

So. This trailer is damn old. And despite really liking it, I didn’t post it. Which explains why our own Eduardo Pluto hasn’t seen it. Yeah, I’m ignoring the fact that he probably only comes here when I link him, because he’s swine and I suck. But yeah! So this looks fucking bonkers. Patrick Stewart as a Nazi, versus Punks. It’s, it’s incredible.

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Watch/Listen: Heavy Metal Covers of iPhone Ringtones

I am the perfect patient for such a convergence of dork. iPhone user? Check. Metal listener? Check. Mash-up sucker? Check.

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‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ and ‘XCOM 2’ getting Vinyl Soundtracks


Man. A niche of a niche of a niche. If vinyls are for a select few, then gaming vinyls are for an even more cloistered segmentation of the population. Which I’m all for, frankly. Fetishize your fetishes. Lord knows I do.

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‘Monument Valley’ soundtrack getting vinyl release; pre-orders today!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is objectively awesome. One of the reasons it is so objectively awesome is its soundtrack, which complimented the wonderful visuals, and atmosphere.

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Watch: El-P drops a ‘Run The Jewels 3’ snippet. I can barely handle it.

‘Street Fighter II’ soundtrack getting gorgeous vinyl re-release. Fetish object swoon.

Hubba Hubba - SF Vinyl Timeeee

I don’t fuck with vinyl. Seems like a dark, addictive, compulsive road. And I’m a guy with enough addictions already: masturbating, caffeine, Funk POP! toys. But man. I would be all over this gorgeous Street Fighter II soundtrack re-release if I were to pick up another bad habit in collecting vinyl.

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‘Fantastic Four’ Final Trailer: Your Squad Is D00M3D